October 12, 2016

The Anatomy of Me

Humans are the same in their composition. All flesh and bone, carbon and phosphorus, cells and atoms, organs and systems -- whichever way one chooses to describe them. Where the bodies are made up of the same elements, the life it holds makes it function different from all the rest. All people live in similar shells that act as their host, though the life is what makes humans so different.

Heart beating, speaking
The nervous rapid pace
The excited drum of a song
The steady pumping calm
Connected to veins mapping the length of my body
The beating resonates

Ears alert and unfailing
Catching whispers in the air
Snippets of conversations
Listening to the world
Noises and silence
Both equally deafening

With timid hands
Tentative steps
Swimming through an ocean
Waves filling the space
Talking, crashing into each other
An outsider in foreign waters
Unsure in proceedings
My limbs move
Carrying my body into the flow

Lips constantly zipped
Force of habit of an introvert
Never failing in an argument
A rib caged prison
needing constant reminder
Or struggle to get enough air
Click a picture is taken
A sentence too long
Unfamiliar activities

Indecisive at normal
An over-thinker on a good day
A reckless rampage of thoughts on any other
Hey everyone! I haven't written a poem in awhile, as a blog post or personal journal entry so I thought I'd get back into the habit. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe even got to know a little more about me. If you did like it, keep updated with our blog for poems to come!

Stay gold,


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