April 27, 2016

On being an introvert

Art by: Kimberly Ibasco

Introverted is an adjective commonly used to describe nouns like people such as myself. When I came across the word, I knew immediately that it fit me perfectly. Even before I came to know what its opposite, extroverted was. 

April 20, 2016

Old and New | 6 x 4 Prints

Old favorites and new 6 x 4 prints will be going on sale starting Monday, April 25th, 2016. Keep on reading below the jump to see a preview of all the pieces, and stay tuned to see them all go live on our Instagram page. 

April 13, 2016

Redefining Beauty

Society’s ideals of beauty have changed increasingly around the world as it ages. There is plenty of evidence which proves beauty to be a highly regarded quality both valued and desired by humanity for the longest time. These standards of what is aesthetically pleasing have ranged from a large spectrum of ever-changing trends. Even now society has its own takes on what beautiful is and all this change makes it difficult for people to keep up with every new version of perfect. It makes it even harder for them to differentiate between looking beautiful and being beautiful and since we all look different, so many have chosen to rely on make-up to capture the unrealistic idea of perfect.

April 6, 2016

The City | Day and Night

Living over an hour and a half a way from the city means that I don't get to visit quite often. With hectic class, work, and volunteer schedules, I am often too buried under a dog-pile of responsibilities to make the trip down. Though I do wish that I lived closer, the distance and the small number of visits make each jaunt sweeter. As such, each time I find a hole in my calendar that can be filled with an excursion downtown, I make it a point to stay for as long as feasibly possible. With that being said, here's a recount of one of the times I spent roaming in the city that highlights the stark contrast of the undercurrents depending on the time of day.