January 25, 2017

Shopping Trips That End With Aching Arms

On recent trip across the border, I definitely came back with more than I brought with me encased in a shopping bag. H&M has always been a staple in my closet. I don't know if it's just me but it felt like the store in the states had more inventory and larger sales. After combing through all the racks in the store you could barely see me since I had a mountain of clothes that I wanted to try on. Let's just say my arms were aching by the end of the trip.

January 18, 2017

Same Song, Different Covers

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved cover songs. This is because covers, to me, embody the idea of taking something that already exists as a certain way and reinventing it to breathe new life and give new meaning. Because of this, I have always been the type of person who listens to multiples variations of the same song. I actively search for covers on a regular basis. I look for acoustic renditions, punk alternatives, slowed down tempos, remixes, and whatever others I can stumble into.

When a song is good, sometimes, you just have to listen to multiple versions of a it. After all, the lyrics might be the same but the mood and meaning can be wholly altered through the adjustment of sound and singer. 

And so, in an effort to share with you some of my favorite covers, we've started a new segment called Same Song, Different Covers. This time around, we're starting off with covers of Drake, Cyndi Lauper, and even Elvis. 

January 11, 2017

Bringing Back the Ruffles

There's this new trend that's been going around like wildfire. Fashion designers have been hard at work constantly trying to come up with new styles for consumers like us. It always astounds me what they can come up with and how much so they influence me. A recent one that's made a comeback are the ruffles and frill designs that have popped up on clothes from countless brands. 

January 4, 2017

On Being Grateful

2016 was the year that I finally stuck to a resolution from the 1st of January all the way to the 31st of December. Because of this, for me, 2016 was also the year of gratefulness. For as long as I can remember, I have always been ever the pessimist, and so in an effort to contradict my inherent nature, on the 1st of January 2016, I decided to begin a year-long effort to change my ways.