February 15, 2017

The Moto-Jacket of My Dreams

It has been a while since Vancouver has been in the midst of snow storms and covered in white even through February. It's been pretty much a shock for a lot of us in B.C., considering the transit system and school districts have been having a difficult time dealing with snow days. It has been a struggle and a half to get to classes when my campus is all the way up in a mountain, the university refuses to close the campus down, and the buses have a meltdown trying to get up the hill. Honestly, I could go on forever about my frustrations about that. BUT, that's not what this post is about.

This post is all about the bright side of things. Though the snow and freezing temperatures have not been so kind to commuters, they have made it easier for me to justify spending money on new coats. One of which is the badass yet delightfully warm coat that has been keeping me cozy for the past couple months.

Back in December, I went into Forever 21 looking for a mid-length coat. Instead, I walked out with this jacket (Well, actually, if we're being honest here, I found a mid-length coat too. So I got both. Woops?). I have always been hesitant about spending more than $20 on a coat. Mostly, because as you probably already know, I'm a bargain hunter at heart. When I saw this coat on sale for $30 though, I knew that despite my reservations, I had to get it. This decision was only further confirmed when I tried it on in the change room. 

The piece itself is a faux-leather moto-jacket with a belted bottom. Moreover, and more important than its badass exterior however, is the fact that its fully lined with shearling on the inside which means that it provides extra warmth than the current outerwear pieces that I have in my closet.
It might be important to note here that I chose to get the jacket 2-3 sizes larger than my usual size. I opted for a large because I wanted something on the longer side, and also for the reason that since the entirety of the inside is lined with shearling, the sleeves can get tight when my arms bend.

Admittedly, not everything about the jacket is perfect in my eyes though. Although the belted bottom is one of the reasons why I like the style of the coat so much, it is also quite annoying to hear the metal buckle jangle around when I'm walking about. This is so much so that I had to tape the prong to the buckle itself and also tuck in the entirety of that buckle in my pocket whenever I wear it. 
All in all though, I consider this a thumbs-up purchase. Although it's above my normal budget, it's far cheaper than what the style of coat normally sells for in other stores. The quality itself looks ace and I've even got tons of compliments about it. People are always so shocked to hear that I got it from Forever 21. 

And so, while I do wish that the streets would finally be rid of the snow, and although my heart yearns for temperatures that aren't freezing anymore, at least I'll have this coat to keep me warm until the season changes.

Stay gold,


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