March 22, 2017

Here's to Poetry

It seemed not just coincidental, the serendipity of my blog post falling on the week of World Poetry day, but instead the perfect opportunity. I thought I'd share with you a few poems I've written here and there over Spring Break. In spirit of yesterday, here's to the poets, the readers, and connoisseurs of the written word.

Souls collide,
and cross paths
Now, I wonder,
Those I collided,
and cross paths with
may just be strangers,
but each with a story.
I like to think
they're happy.
I like to write
short stories,
and biographies
of their lives
in tiny poems.
May they collide,
and cross paths
with more souls.

The big city is calling me.
The streets run deep in my veins.
The buildings are built in my bones.
I can feel the wind rattle me,
as I lose myself
in its invitation.

If I talk too loudly,
laugh too hard,
dance strangely.
Forget my doubts
Lose my fears.
For just a moment
in it's rawness,
my only crime
is to live and love

All these people
I love
composed of ink
and made of paper,
began as a thought.
A notion
in the mind of a stranger
They were predestined
with a purpose
Their faults premeditated,
as their best parts were preconceived.
Now dead
without doubt.
Lives easily snuffed out
at the end of their story.

It's been awhile since we did a post on poetry, so I hope you enjoyed these. With World Poetry day having passed, let's let it serve as an inspiration to write more poems. If you have any poems you'd like to share, feel free to comment below we'd love to read them.

Stay gold,


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