October 18, 2017

Poetry to Soothe the Soul

Whether it's writing or reading poetry, there is something about this eloquent form of art which soothes the soul. A lot of people often wonder why poets don't just say what they mean. The beauty in it is that it has a different meaning to whoever reads it and each carefully placed word has a special connotation to the writer. There are so many ideas and notions that can be discovered behind literary devices. Some might consider it as the uncaged ramblings of an individual, however if you look deep into the surface a metaphor could hold the answer to your present problems. 


Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in the sea.
I can barely breathe
And my lungs could burst.
Coming up for air
may take longer than a minute.
I am cliff
and the waves are beating against me
relentless and constant.
The limbs of the ocean
smacking me in the face.
The world all salt and water.
Void of earth and air.
My hair falls in tendrils.
Inky strands flowing in rivulets.
Moving with the sea.
I close my eyes
and count my heartbeats
that thunder and echo
so loud
signalling lost ships in lost waters.


Constantly travelling in inbetweens,
in the maybes, perhaps, possibly, and perchances.
Drifting here and there
and between states of being.
yet to find the answer. 


Hearts dare to hope,
dare to dream,
dare to care,
and are sometimes dared to love.
Hands dare to hold,
dare to create,
dare to touch,
and are sometimes dared to help.
Lips dare to talk,
dare to sing,
dare to whisper,
and are sometimes dared to shout.
These are truths,
lovely treasures.
Some common,
some rare.
All are dared to be true.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Until next time.

Stay gold,


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