April 11, 2018

Thoughts Residing in Me


With the shaking of my feet,
the tapping of my fingers,
and my immovable posture,
I sit with a thousand thoughts a minute.
Eyes like a storm,
with shipwrecks and horizons.
The wind blows rustling my bones
and rain pours beating against my eardrums.
I am swimming,
gasping for breath.
The taste of sweet air
to calm my heart
and wake me up.


I am a product of everyone
and everything.
To find a little bit of me,
retrace my steps,
follow the footsteps as they grow.
Meet those that have changed me,
those that have made me and shaped me.
As you venture through twists and turns
find my heart in those people,
my growing voice in fallen branches,
and my thoughts in the stars above.

I've been feeling really tired and blessed these past few days. In that time, I have truly come to think that those two come hand in hand. Without devoting my efforts to anything, I would not be as grateful as I am. These two poems that I composed, are for me to take a step back and breathe. I hope all of you enjoy them!

Stay gold,

Anne Ibasco

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