October 7, 2015

DIY: Cut-out t-shirt

I did this t-shirt DIY awhile back, around the same time as my sister did hers actually, but I thought of maybe saving mine for later. The previous DIY actually had the highest amount of views compared to our other posts, so seeing as how much you guys seem to have enjoyed that one, I thought maybe later should be now.
I love the new shirts with subtle cutouts that seem to be popular these days, so this shirt was inspired by those. However, in all honesty, I just began playing around and experimenting. I had no idea how it would turn out and I just hoped for the best. In the end I was extremely pleased with the results. It actually surprised me how good it looked even though I was only able to wear it once seeing how the weather has changed so quickly. 


1) A plain white crewneck t-shirt - mine was a bit over-sized so the cutouts fell over the shoulders 
2) Scissors - I still have mine from way back when.
3) A pencil


Lay the shirt flat on a surface and use a pencil to trace the shape (from the picture above) along the neckline at the top of the shirt


Carefully cut out the shape. I first made a small cut in the middle just big enough to fit the blades of the scissors so I could work my way from there to cut it out.


Now you finished your shirt and the final step is to try it on!

I hope you liked this DIY! If you do end up doing it, please post it and tag us on instagram @fluxandfolk or use the hashtag #fluxandfolkdiy. We'd love to see you guys recreate it.

Stay Gold,


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