October 14, 2015

Free Downloadables: Wallpapers #1

Fix You — Coldplay

Author unknown

I'm not quite sure if it's just us or if this is a global problem, but for the longest time now, we have been having difficulties with finding good wallpapers for our gadgets. The usual avenues like Pinterest have been generating the same old same old, while scrounging up images from Tumblr can be overwhelming (especially if you're not really sure what to search for specifically). Anyhow, I thought I'd make some of my pieces available for you to download for free in hopes of making a contribution to the solution of this problem.

Download links can be found just below the jump!

These are fixed at 1156 x 1061. However, you can crop it on your phone/tablet to fit the screen size, and you can also stretch and skew it to fit the size of your desktop/laptop screen.

Download #1 — Fix You (click here)
Download #2 — Movers, Makers & Shakers (click here)

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