April 13, 2016

Redefining Beauty

Society’s ideals of beauty have changed increasingly around the world as it ages. There is plenty of evidence which proves beauty to be a highly regarded quality both valued and desired by humanity for the longest time. These standards of what is aesthetically pleasing have ranged from a large spectrum of ever-changing trends. Even now society has its own takes on what beautiful is and all this change makes it difficult for people to keep up with every new version of perfect. It makes it even harder for them to differentiate between looking beautiful and being beautiful and since we all look different, so many have chosen to rely on make-up to capture the unrealistic idea of perfect.
Make-up is a powerful tool that gives consumers the ability to change their appearance and like anything in the world it can be abused or put to good use. Many in fact use it as a confidence boost that makes them feel good about themselves, although it should not take away any appreciation one has of their natural face. Whether or not someone wants to wear make-up is a decision that should be left to the individual. If it makes them happy then there’s nothing wrong with that, however people should be made more aware of  the fact that make-up itself does not have any impact on a person’s real beauty.

There are plenty of arguments that discuss the moral principles of wearing makeup, however what those debates should be focusing on more is the effect society’s perception of beauty has had on people. Society’s perception of beauty is but a social standard of appearance that with the help of magazines and other media compel people to conform. Hundreds of the days of someone’s life can be spent putting makeup on for society and not for themselves. Even though physical appearance will not contribute as much to the kind of beauty a person will be remembered. Loved ones will see their unique smiles, the glow in their eyes, the sound of their laughter, and the kindness of their actions and think that is beautiful. Standards change and society’s version of beauty fades, but these more valuable qualities are ageless and define the kind of person someone is to the people they encounter in the world.

Reflections on mirrors show what is on the surface and can tell the person they you look beautiful. Although compared to the opinions we value most, the thoughts of the people that play large parts in our lives can tell us we are beautiful. We don’t just look beautiful, we are beautiful. They will be able to say this with conviction and surety because they will have been well acquainted with the ageless qualities that make the person so. Let’s redefine beauty and let society know how beautiful everyone truly is with or without make-up.

Hope you're all having a lovely week and enjoyed reading this post. I originally wrote it for my school newspaper, but I thought to share it with the rest of you here. Let me know if you like these kinds of opinion posts and I'll be sure to write more for you to read!

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