April 27, 2016

On being an introvert

Art by: Kimberly Ibasco

Introverted is an adjective commonly used to describe nouns like people such as myself. When I came across the word, I knew immediately that it fit me perfectly. Even before I came to know what its opposite, extroverted was. 

I am quiet most of the time. 
I just stare and think. 
My words get frozen within my lungs
And I believe my thoughts are deadly 
And there's probably a quarantine 
Surrounding my lungs. 
People tend to ask me, 
"Why are you so quiet?" 
I just smile, laugh, and shrug. 
I am quiet most of the time
But my mind is 
L o u d.
My mind is
S c r e a m i n g.
I wish I weren't quiet
I wish I shared my emotions easily. 
I do not know how to start. 
My words get frozen within my 
Swollen lungs. 
- A.E. (Source: Pinterest/Tumblr)

Myself during social gatherings in a few words would be: shy, quiet, and a little bit closed of. However these words only scratch the surface of what introversion is. All human beings are incredibly complex; throw them into the whirlwind of society, we'll all present ourselves in different ways. That's why I think it's such a difficult task to characterize people using simple words. 

Reading through this poem during one of my many Pinterest sessions, I smiled to myself, finding it incredibly relatable. It made me think and internalize what introversion meant to me. From the moment I take a step out of my house, everything fast-forwards and is so incredibly fast paced, and because of this I like to hold on to every word, every experience, and everything I see so I won't forget. I enjoy listening to conversations, but on the occasions I feel comfortable around the people I'm with, I actually talk quite a bit that it's shocking. I can say for myself that my mind is definitely louder than my voice, it takes a little more of a push to get me talking, but being introverted doesn't mean I won't.

To all you introverts and extroverts reading this post, I hope you guys liked it and found it to be an interesting read.

Stay gold,


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