May 18, 2016

Plaid Shirts + Backpacks

It is no secret that my closet is an array of neutral colours. It is no secret either that out of it all, the predominant of these is black. Seeing me not wearing an ounce of the shade outside the confines of my home is a sincere rarity. 

Naturally, when I was younger, it wasn't always this way. But in my late teens and into young adulthood, black has been a staple colour that I find myself always gravitating to. Perhaps its my lack of comfort in the spotlight that keeps me so attracted to it -- the very shade of the shadows. Or, maybe it's because of the simple truth that black goes with everything (especially itself, haha). Whichever reason underpinning its appeal in my eyes, I know I'm not the only one. So, here's an outfit post I'm sharing with all you lovers of black (with a pop of color).  


Black and White Plaid
Old Navy (link)

Tipping my hat off to whoever came up with this design. It's such an interesting spin on the classic plaid button-down. Essentially, it's a levelled up version that is a bit more unique, and a bit more dressy than the regular. It's a more structured than your usual plaid, which makes it less like casual wear, but all the while still maintaining comfort. 



Black 'Jamie' Jeans
$85.00 now (was on sale) - Topshop (link)

Just thinking about how much I spent on this jeans still makes me slightly cringe to this day. I am never normally the type to buy something this far up on the price scale. To some of you, this might be just the right price, or even a bargain. However, being someone who has been brought up to be more mindful and cautious about my spending skills, I have never been the type to spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans. So, as you might imagine, this purchase was nerve-wracking. 

I've always lived by the idea that you can get great clothes without spending too much, but in this case, I was fed up with the lack of comfortable jeans that fit me well. I find jeans hard to shop for in the sale racks so after months of debating, I bit the bullet and gave in last summer. To this day, these are the best jeans in my closet. However, to say that they're the best jeans ever would be an outright lie. I'm definitely still on the hunt for better fitting ones; albeit, hopefully with a cheaper price tag. 


Double Zip Burgundy/Wine Backpack 
$65.00 now (was on sale) - Indigo (link)

Mom gifts are the best gifts because she knows me best. This particular bag was part of a series of birthday gifts she gave me when I turned 21 last year. As I've said before, it's no secret that black is my go-to color. However, so many of those in my family urge me to not do it so much so once in awhile, I give in (just the slightest) by adding the tiniest bit of color. This backpack is the right kind of hue that adds enough color to my outfit, without being too bright for my liking. The bag itself is great quality, with a decent number of compartments which I find particularly useful for organizing my endless amount of bits and pieces. 

Well, that pretty much sums up the outfit in a nutshell. Hope you've enjoyed stumbling into this post.

Stay gold,


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