May 11, 2016

Counting Down the Days: Summer Bucket List

The long awaited two month vacation is near and it's all I can think about, talk about, and anxiously wait about. I often have this mentality during the school year while awaiting the holidays, always wanting to start this and finish that. It's all very exciting; some of you probably do the same. However, when I finally reach the point of no school, I get into this lazy (how should I word this?) slump. I tell myself I'll just rest for today, break for this week, and then next I realize it's almost the end of summer and I've barely done anything I wanted to do. So to fix that, I've made a plan. I have devised a Summer Bucket-list, a to-do list so to speak to share with all of you.


- get my first job
- volunteer at the senior center
- go someplace new and have an adventure
- set up a fun picnic with friends
- go on a beach outing
- have a game of ultimate with friends
- explore the streets of downtown Vancouver
- try/attempt to do yoga
- discover new music to listen to
- write short stories I've always been meaning to
- read all the classic books I've stocked up on
- make art and do all the DIY ideas on my Pinterest boards
I hope this was a fun read for all of you. If it got you pumped up for summer, that's great. If I made you long for the vacation even more, sorry about that. My advice to you is keep focused on the positive, we're almost there. Let us know what you thought of this post and anything you might have on your summer bucket list!

Stay gold,