September 28, 2016

Hello Autumn

Dresses are some of my favourite articles of clothing to wear. You can wear them casually and during formal events depending on the style. I love the femininity of it and the convenience of not having to choose other clothes or worry if they match. This outfit is perfect for bridging the weather between Summer and Autumn, for those days when the sun is out shining but the wind is cold and piercing.

I was so pleased when my mom showed me this dress that she found while we were out shopping. My initial thoughts were on how pretty it is and how different it is compared to other dresses in the market. The pattern and long sleeves made it so unique and are what made me like it from the start.

Dark Printed Dress
H&M (link)

This is a fit and flare dress with long sleeves. It has ties at the front that add a certain boho chic style and creates a unique neckline. The dark colour and long sleeves make this dress such a perfect fit in my opinion for the fall weather, but it is still light enough to wear in the sun.

I've worn this dress on numerous occasions since I got it. It's working its way up in my closet and has become somewhat of a favourite. I've been loving it so much recently not just because of the weather, but also since the long sleeves let me wear it to church without having to put on a cardigan. Sometimes I feel like cardigans make my outfits more bulky, like it's meant for the winter which defeats the purpose of wearing a loose dress. 

I've been able to wear so many different kinds of shoes with the dress. When the weather is more forgiving I wear the leather sandals, I've mentioned in previous outfit posts. However, I also like wearing oxfords and ankle boots with it. 
I hope you guys have been enjoying the cold weather. Now that some of us are settling in our old routine of going to school. I've certainly missed the peaceful sleep I always get in this weather. With September already coming to a close, I can't believe summer is over, but the next few months bring so many things I look forward to.

Stay gold,


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