December 21, 2016

Open Letter to Numbers

Dear Numbers,

Your family is rather large, branches stretching out to infinity, and each member unique to itself. So I’ve decided to address this letter to all of you in general, though I am only partial to some. It is interesting how in so many ways you all have the power to define me. 

Society has a constant need to quantify everything. You live and breathe in every part of our world as a constant presence. A constant shadow, yet there are still certain parts that are out of your reach. Displays of kindness and generosity is an exchange that can’t be numbered, none can describe the sound of laughter, or equal to the beauty of mountains and rivers. 

These are unquantifiable parts of our lives that’s existence cannot be made into a statistic. Your existence as numbers however, is free-flowing. There is not a soul that knows what infinity looks like, 3.1415… has no end. You have the ability to describe a variety of multitudes, define objects and people. At this moment my heart is beating 63 beats a minute, in 1 minute there are 60 seconds, and in the 45 seconds it took me to write this sentence of 40 words, I breathed in a 4 deep breaths, and paused 2 times to think and count. You are an inescapable part of not just my life, but everyone else’s as well, a shadow not to be rid of. I don’t know if people see you in the same light I do, as conundrum, contradictory in a poetic and logical way.

There are differing opinions as to whether or not you’re a friend or foe to people; arguments as to whether or not quality or quantity is most important in life. Both contribute factors unbeknownst to the other and it’s my opinion that they are opposite halves that together create a the whole picture of the world. The numbers that give it shape and qualities that add colour create an image that highlights the good and bad parts. You are entity difficult yet not impossible to be manipulated by those at try to control you. Now, all I can say is please be kind to me and everyone else. Give me more laughter and less tears; the highest number of days spent smiling rather than sulking. Please give the 6,987,000,000 people on this 1 Earth enough peace to last throughout their lives, enough air to fill their lungs, food on their table, water to drink, shelter for everyday, and an excessive amount of love. Let there be billions of kind, generous souls to outweigh the rest. You as numbers, I am open to the possibilities of the goodness in quantities.
I hope this blog post was a nice read to pass the time during the wait for Christmas. Four more days and counting. I tried to go about writing this letter with a fresh perspective on the idea. Focusing on the beauty of numbers as well as the negative. The same way Christmas is more than just an excuse for consumerism, but a celebration of life, generosity, and kindness.

Stay gold,


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