December 7, 2016

Mixing the Basics With Something New

The style of this dress is the opposite of the more basic, versatile turtleneck it is paired with. The two however, compliment each other greatly and is perfect for battling cold winds that are picking up this time of year. The contents of my closet is made up of a mix of minimalist pieces as well as unique articles of clothing that I personally love for a variety of reasons. Finding a blend between the two is the first step in discovering your own personal style while at the same time creating a complete wardrobe.

Black Turtleneck
Forever 21 (link)

I got this and a white turtleneck duo combing through the pages of Forever 21's sale section online. When I first saw it, I knew they would be perfect basic pieces. With the weather ever so quickly plummeting, layering has come back into my life and I've been able to wear both turtlenecks in numerous occasions, styling them in a variety of ways. For casual attire, I usually where them underneath blouses with thin straps and for more formal outfits like this one, I constantly wear them under dresses. Buying black and white turtlenecks are such good investments because of how easy they are to style, I certainly got my money's worth out of the ones I bought.

Folded Satchel
Old Navy (link)

I've mentioned this bag on many occasions during blog posts, it has become quite a staple part in my closet. I think it's because the bag has such an interesting colour, not exactly brown, but not red either. It is a good accessory to add to an outfit because it gives it something extra and completes it altogether,   

Creme Tiger Printed Dress
H&M (link)

I thought this dress was so unique and interesting when I saw it. It is a quintessential example of art in fashion. The pattern was so different from anything I've ever seen. I love the shape of the dress, it is loose and not constricting and falls just at the knee. It's nice for the summer and combined with the turtleneck a nice outfit choice for winter too.
As a person that loves to wear dresses, it's a part of my closet that's hard to give up. With recent weather, rain turning into snow and the icy wind, I'm still determined not to let them go. If you feel the same, just wear a turtleneck as an extra layer, a pair of tights, and throw on a warm coat then you're good to go.

Stay gold,


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