June 21, 2017

These Little Things That Make Me Smile

Throughout this school year, I've been taking a leadership class at my school. The early mornings I spent in that classroom has been filled with interesting discussions. We've covered topics like social media identity, school society, and famous speakers. One day, our teacher introduced us to this book written by a Canadian author called "The Book of Awesome." It is a compilation of little, amazing things in life that is very well-written. That then sparked us to write our own awesomes and I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you. Despite it being an assignment, I really did enjoy writing these two which is an awesome in and of itself.


There is a sense of peace that overcomes me and takes residence in my body during long car rides with my family. I don’t just hear the dull hum of the engine propelling us forward, I feel the slight vibrations through my skin and deep in my bones. It is a small comfort as I lay my head on my mother’s shoulders. The rise and fall of her chest is synced with mine. I’m sandwiched between her and my sister. The faint music lulls the two of us into a gentle rest. I melt into the seats like liquid, which fits perfectly into everything. My brother and father occupy the seats at the front no more than an arm’s length away and we’re all complete.

Sometimes I wish these moments would never end; I want to freeze it like a small scene in a movie that may seem insignificant to some, but the world to me and rewind it over again. There’s just something about being in between places, travelling with a destination in mind, and just enjoying the journey there with those you love.The blur of the moving surroundings instills in me this perception of being somewhere and everywhere at the same time. It is a safe place I keep in my heart and at the forefront of my mind. In these moments doubts, worries, as well as fears leave me and all I feel is infinite. 


That inexplicable moment that I am sure most of us have experienced: flipping to the exact page you were looking for on the first try. It happens in a single breath and fills up one's entire self. It is a simple thing, but in this moment in my eyes, it is one of the wonders of the world. The universe is on my side today and everyone, everything composed of matter or souls is working in my favour. You start to believe in this one second that today will be a good day with endless possibilities. It’s a feeling that lasts in the timespan of a few seconds or even a minute if you’re lucky, but nevertheless it exists and it is there. I know this because it leaves an indelible mark, a phantom’s breath of what was there. I am struck by déja vu zapped instantaneously into the body of myself as a child experiencing the world for the first time. The memory is only a fraction of the experience, but serves as reminder of this short, sweet, single instance of honest-to-goodness delight.

I truly enjoyed writing this post despite it first stating off as a homework assignment. I hope all of you liked reading it and maybe it inspired you guys to do some writing of your own. Comment down below some of the simple "Awesomes" in your life because we'd love to hear about them!

Stay gold,


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