June 28, 2017

8:30 AM Poetry

I thought these poems in the way that they are written reflect how much I've grown. There are so many misconceptions of time, but now that the vacation has begun, I have a lot of it. I hope to savour small moments where I am pursuing interests that I truly enjoy more often. Like when I wrote these, it was like a breath of fresh air.

8:30 am

The sun makes me happy.
Fills up empty crevices
in my heart
and in my head.
It strengthens my bones.
I grow rooted with strength.
Bright, glowing
Dauntless in pursuits.


If I wrote a poem
of all that I wanted
Treasures of the deepest oceans,
my heart's desires,
and words I wish to hold in my palms.
The shrunken world
to fit in my pocket,
the brightest star,
wandering souls, 
and the greatest love.
Things I do not wish to share.


Our hearts were called
to this exact moment.
aligned perfectly.
Like overlapping constellations
and celestial events
it is rare and beautiful.
Here is where our meetings crossed.
Under the watchful eye of the sky
and with the support
of the solid crowd.
We will not be toppled.

Today was my last day of being in grade ten. A lot has happened this year and I was grateful for every moment and every experience. It is an interesting contradiction. Amidst everything, it was nice to take a deep breath to write these to clear my head. This summer, I want make writing poetry more of habit. 

Stay gold,


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