November 29, 2017

Holiday Season

It's that time of the year again. All the signs point directly at it: the music in stores, the wish-lists being made, the shopping being done, and not to mention the temperature dropping ever so steadily. The holiday season is nearing. I knew instantly after Halloween finished. I felt it inside me and already began picturing the start of winter break, visualizing Christmas, and looking forward to the New Year.


25 more days until the break and counting. I find myself always during stressful times looking forward to the things I want to do. This is always my favourite time of the year as well as getting into the Christmas mood as quick as a heartbeat. This week I've put together a list, just a few things I'm excited to be able to do once winter break begins.

  • Read a book curled up in a blanket with the fireplace on and while drinking a cup of hot chocolate
  • Christmas baking --whether or not it's making something new or a batch of Subway cookies (requested by my sister) I made awhile back
  • Staying up until midnight to wait for Christmas
  • Watching movies with my whole family in the living room on New Years Eve
  • Have a holiday dinner with friends
  • Write a list of goals and plans for the New Year
  • Go on a walk in the snow
  • Read a Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve

Stay gold,


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