December 6, 2017

Out of My Comfort Zone, Into Some Statements

2017 Kimberly has grown in a lot of ways. 2017 Kimberly got a bachelor's degree, went to New York City in the summer, and also started taking more risks style-wise. Although I am a true to the core minimalist and monochromatic, this year, I've found myself dipping my toes in different trends and styles that I haven't braved since pre-adulthood. 
Towards the end of last year, I bought a red beanie that surprised everyone that knew me, and even strangers on the street. Having a closet resembling the darkness of a black hole, it was so weird to have something so bright atop my head. Somehow, wearing that for the first few times made me feel nervous. It made me feel like I was trying to attract attention despite my preference for blending seamlessly into the crowd. Eventually, I loved it so much that when the weather became warmer, I found myself staring at it longingly.

In a lot of ways, that affinity towards that red beanie became a catalyst for me stepping out of my usual comforts style-wise. The beanie became a red a crop top, and then that top became a full on bright red turtleneck. I even ventured into sparkly peach nails.
Eventually, I became obsessed with statement earrings. For someone who hadn't worn earrings in over seven years, I was nervous that my piercings would have closed up after all that time. Luckily enough, they somehow managed to remain as is. The day that I checked was also the same day that I proceeded to scour the stores looking for a pair that would satisfy my fixation.


These were the first pair of statement earrings that I got. I stumbled into them at Forever 21. They're minimal and simple, but large enough to make a marked difference on my overall outfit as a whole.


Next up are my actual favorite style bits that I've purchased in a long time. I'm unbelievably infatuated with these. They're delightfully eccentric and playful, albeit still being wearable and not too childish. I love that whenever I'm wearing them and I catch a glimpse of my reflection, I feel giddy and giggly. Plus, in every new place I go, someone always compliments them so that's an added bonus. The face ones remind me of Picasso's works, which is pretty apropos for my interests. The hands always on the other hand, feel like I'm waving to other people when I move around -- which I like to think somehow makes up for my resting angry/sad face.


Last but not least, while perusing through the liquidation sales of Sears, I found these small hoops on sale. After buying all the other more earrings, I felt a strong pull to purchase a smaller, more everyday-wear kind of pair. These fit the bill to a T. Although, my brother did say I look like pirate in them. I hate that he's right. It's kind of funny, but whatever -- a pirate I shall be. Captain Hoop, anyone (ha-ha, I'll see myself out)? 
Let me know if this post fuels your urge to get some statement earrings of your own, or to step out of your comfort zone in terms of life and style. 

Stay gold,


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