January 10, 2018

Playlist #14 | We'll Meet Again


1| Hour Glass - Little India
2| Cave - Matt Millz
3| Dear Manners - Zac Saber
4| The Thick and the Thin - Imaginary Future
5| Stormy Weather - The Wealthy West
6| Sea of Love - Langhorne Slim & Jill Andrews



As we are parting with the holiday season and are entering a New Year, it is hard not to long for those days where you just felt infinite. With being back to normal, this playlist is for those moments when you are looking from a little escape. Let the tunes carry you off and whisk you away. Allow the lyrics to pass through your ears and fill your mind with the stories wrapped within them. If you need a break from the daily grind or are in need of a second to breathe, these collection of songs can be that for you.

Stay gold,


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