January 31, 2018

The Speed of Life

On countless occasions more than I can remember really, my friends and I have had conversations reminiscing about the past as well as talking about what's to come in the future. I have always been the type of person that is eager and excited to take the next step. We have all these plans and aspirations deeply rooted in those we had as younger souls. Time is a difficult concept to grasp especially in its relation to life. Everything goes by in a blink of an eye with hardly anytime to pause for breath. During those conversations we always ask each other if we can believe that we're where we are now because it seems as if yesterday we were completely different people. I was so sure of who I was as a kid, what I didn't know however was everything the world had in store for me. Let the world keep spinning and I will try my best not to get dizzy.


Ask me how old I am
Yesterday I was day dreaming with stars in my eyes
Today I am youth and age alike 
Tomorrow I will be a compilation of millions if not billions
I will be a million miles away
Everything moves and changes
Evolves and grows
and I am at the center of my own
speed, distance, and time equation

With the maturity of what I have witnessed 
The wisdom of my ten and six years combined
and the eyes of child
I look at the world through tinted glasses
Everything is a blur
I hold onto glimpses of people
and moments so short and infinite

Like someone standing on the outside
I watch my life play out
as someone hits fast forward
Suddenly I'm here
where I am
A collection of yesterdays,
and tomorrows

If I could speed it up
Sometimes I would
If I could slow it down
Sometimes I could,
but for now I am stuck living
299 792 458 m/s plus 1
Trying to squeeze a millions
in each fraction of time.
If this is how it is to be, 
let the world keep on moving
and I will keep chasing it.

I hope all of you enjoyed this post! It was nice getting back in touch with my creative side. With my current semester being less demanding, I definitely enjoyed putting this together. Until next time!

Stay gold,


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