June 27, 2018

Lesser Than Stars, But Greater

L E S S E R   T H A N  S T A R S ,  B U T  G R E A T E R 

If society had a clean slate,
Where would we be?
Without all the hate, lies and prejudice,
Would we still have need for justice.
Could peace, love, or contentment exist
Barren of the above.

 If we cracked open the ribs
Which hold our hearts prisoner,
Compared it with one another.
We are pretty darn similar.
Would we have realized sooner
That despite Caucasian, African, Asian
We are but one people.

Instead of our roots being badges of pride,
The fingerprints of our history,
They are lines we draw separating ourselves from each other.
Invisible borders which we abide by.
We are a single species with more similarities in our genetic codes than differences.
46 chromosomes that’s all we are.
Count the stars.
I dare you to look at the universe.
There are more variations in the sky
Than the colours we see with our naked eye.

They outnumber us at 300 billion
In our single galaxy.
While humans amounting to 7.6 billion cannot see past slight nuances
In eye shape, skin shade, and bone structure.
We do not see the masterpiece that we are.
We look at the stars and see a magnificent work of art.
So divine and wondrous.
They are gazing right back at us.
And why should we be considered any less awe-striking, Bone shattering, mountain moving beautiful.

The world is such a mess.
A puddle of insults and hurt which we inflict on one another.
We paint ourselves in the red and dark shades of battle.
But like the tiny flowers that still grow on fields of war,
Kindness and felicity should persevere.

It should.
We should.
Humans could
If they just saw each other as people.
If they’re reminded
That we are beings that breathe the same air in our lungs,
With hearts that feel despair and joy alike.
We are not toys to be trifled or played with.
We are made of skin and bones,
Blood and sweat,
We merit rights, have earned our place,
And we deserve to be seen as human beings,
Recognized for who we are within.
Nothing less.

If society had a clean slate,
It should,
We should,
Humans could be better than the stars.
Though we are less in number,
Our light can outshine them.
Chase away the darkness in every corner and crevice.
We stand on the precipice of an almighty opportunity.
All we have to do is seize it.

Stay gold,


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