September 9, 2015

September, please be good me

How is it already past the first week of September? I could swear to you that it was mid-August yesterday and my days still had endless potential for adventuring and sleeping in. The end of summer came and went way too soon, and now it's back to round four of university for me. Since back to school season is upon us, I thought I would share some of what I have been loving during the first few weeks of September -- which admittedly are the same items that I anticipate I'll be loving straight through to the end of the month, and maybe even for the rest of the season.
Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
$25.00 - Forever 21 (sold out)

This has been my go-to jacket ever since the weather has gotten a tiny bit colder. I got it towards the end of summer, and consequentially found myself highly anticipating fall much more than usual. 
Knit Blanket Scarf
$14.90 - Forever 21 (link)

Recently, the largest storm of the decade hit BC and we had no power for close to 50 hours. During this time, my family and I spent quite a lot of time at the mall since it was such an ideal place to hang around and kill time, and I ended up stumbling into this scarf. It was marked down at $14.90, but when I went to the till to pay, the scan read $18.90. When I brought it up to the cashier, she ended up just giving the scarf to me for the price listed even if it was mistakenly marked, which I thought was real rad of her. 

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
$30.00 - Sephora (link)

I started using this at the start of the summer as I've heard that it was good alternative for the highly rated and highly expensive GlamGlow mud masks. After months of having this in my nightly routine, I can safely say that this was a purchase that I definitely did not regret. When the first one that I had bought ran out, there was an in-between period where I didn't use it to see if I well and truly needed it in my regimen. Within several days, there was a noticeable difference that led me to head back into Sephora to repurchase instantly. 

Tan Faux-Leather Watch
$18.90 (USD) - Forever 21 (sold out)

Both my well-loved map print watch from Urban Outfitters, and my Kenneth Cole watch from my grandmother had finally run out of battery, and lazy old me decided it was time to get a new timepiece to bide my time before I finally look up where to even begin getting batteries for the former watches.

Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen
$27.92 for 12 - Staples (link)

I got my dad to give up one of his pens for the sake of my doodling needs and have been begging him since to bring back a pack for me when he comes back home from the Philippines. 
September Calendar
Handmade - Flux + Folk (can be ordered here)

Made this piece a few days ago and I'm really loving how it turned out. This'll most definitely be helpful for me since back to school means actually keeping track of passing dates rather than the seemingly endless blur that comes hand in hand with summer.

# and K Photo Clips
$3.00 for both - Michael's (in stores only)

I could spend hours wandering Michael's. I never walk out of there empty-handed, despite how full my craft boxes are getting. These clips were buy one get one free, and my incessant tendency for not walking away from a good deal meant that they ended up in my basket. I found the perfect use for these when I clipped the aforementioned September calendar on em. 
Zebra Print Cage Front Sports Bra
$8.00 - Aeropostale (link for blue one)

My obsession with strappy tops has reached a whole new level with this piece. It makes any plain shirt that I wear ten times more interesting, and though I'm not a fan of the zebra print -- because it doesn't show, it doesn't really matter. 

Faux Leather Slip-Ons
$22.00 - Old Navy (link)

I have been eyeing stores for a decently priced pair of black slip-ons for several months now and I finally managed to score with these ones when Old Navy had a sale. This pair is insanely comfortable and looks great with some rolled up denim jeans, and you can bet that I have every intention of getting a lot of wear out of these during the school year. 

Well, that's that! I hadn't realize how many items I've been loving until I started writing this. I'll cut off the rambling now since that was quite a long post. Til next time!

Stay gold,


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