September 16, 2015

Styling The Classic Striped Shirt

Just a classic Outfit of the Day post that lead to my closet vomiting all over my bed. Keep reading to see the 3 different outfits I styled, centered on this one classic piece:

Classic Striped Long-sleeve
Gap (link)

This is a very basic shirt that I have come to love because of how easily it pairs with practically everything -- as you can see in the picture. It has grey and cream stripes, and it is very lightweight so you can leave it on its own or throw something on top to wear in different types of weather.


Light Blue Denim Overall Dress
$14 - Forever 21 (link)

At the start of the summer, there was a huge sale in Forever 21 which was where my journey began. One thing led to another while I was flipping through pages of their sale section, and this dress caught my eye. After thinking long and hard about whether or not to buy it -- and by long I mean very long considering how incredibly indecisive I am -- I decided to make my first online purchase. I don't regret buying this dress firstly because I got it on sale for $14 when now, it's gone up to $29.90, and secondly because it has become one of my all time favourite buys.


White Collared Chiffon Dress
Urban Outfitters (link)

This is my number one favourite formal dress, and it was given to me by my lovely sister, Kimberly. The dress has a lot of lace detail on the collar and on the shoulders so I've been able to wear it out to formal events, but I've also been able to dress it down a bit by throwing on a T-shirt, or in this case a long sleeve so I can wear it a bit more casually.


Black Leather Jacket
Topshop (link)

I'd like to start this description off by first thanking my uncle for getting me this beautiful jacket! It has been my constant companion for a couple years now and I've found it to be very reliable. It's a nice jacket to throw on with almost any outfit whenever I can't be bothered to choose other jackets in the morning.

Classic Blue Jeans
George (link)

A long time ago these jeans used to live inside a box at the back of m closet along with a few other clothes that didn't fit me well when I was younger --and now that they fit, they've become like any other pair of blue jeans in other people's closet; it became an essential to my wardrobe.

For those of you that have gotten this far, I just want to thank you for taking your time to read my first post. Hope you found it interesting, and let me know if you want any more posts like this or any other ones you'd like my sister or myself to do. 

Stay gold,

Anne, the younger Ibasco

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