January 20, 2016

Roamers, Seekers, and Eaters

Admittedly, I got a little bit too snap-happy during a trip to downtown with some pals. So much so that I took enough pictures for two posts. So, instead of piling everything in a chaotic blur, I've split up the afternoon into parts.

This first part recounts the food we happily scarfed down, and part two (going up next week) will have the more wandering adventure bits.

The first stop of the afternoon was Beta 5. Though they are mainly known for their specialty chocolates, the reason that drove us there were their cream puffs. Philip and I have had them before, and both swear by how ace their cream puffs are. The picture on the right above has two perfect looking salted caramel puffs of goodness that tastes just as good as (or even better than) they look.  The next stop was Gastown. Originally, we were headed to Bao Down but  because the place was so insanely packed and because our group was a bit bigger, we decided otherwise. Luckily, Tacofino, another place we've been dying to try, was only several steps away. The wait for a table was surprisingly not too long considering that  it was happy hour; pretty soon, all six of us were seated amidst the beautiful  brick + wood interiors of the restaurant. 
We ordered the Pork Al Pastor and the Fish Tacos so we could try both. Though the pork was pretty good, the fish tacos were the real winners in our books. 
Now although the fish tacos beat the other contender, I'd have to say these chicken wings were stellar above and beyond. Dare I say it, they're better than the ones from WINGS. These had the brilliant balance of just the right amount of crispy but chewy, and don't even get me started on the seasoning. Simply ace.    The last stop was like coming home. Earnest Ice Cream, my heart belongs to you. Everyone who spoke to me during the summertime knew about my love affair with this place, and just because the weather has gotten frigid and cold does not mean that I was giving up ice cream. 

Above is a picture of the five of my friends and I, taken by Anne. From left to right, it's Alex, Philip, me, Wyne, and Alissa. The latter of whom spends most of her months in Calgary for university, and had not yet been to Earnest.   Every time I come here, I always try to taste the mouthwatering variety of flavors that they have. Though I've tasted the typical Cookies + Cream, to London Fog, Maple Walnut, and Whiskey Hazelnut, and more, I always come back to the flavor that I constantly dream about the most: Salted Caramel. Just thinking about it now makes my stomach growl in hopeful anticipation.   Above is Alissa enjoying her scoop. Definitely looks like she agrees with our verdict. 

That pretty much sums up our afternoon of eating. Hopefully this post has inspired you to surround yourself with good company and add these places to your future itineraries.

Stay tuned for next week's post to find out the rest of what we got up to. 

Stay gold,


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