January 6, 2016

January Favorites: Bring on the New Year

Starting off a new year is both exhilarating and daunting. On one hand, the turn of the calendar marks a blank slate, a fresh-start; on the other, new beginnings mean hopeful anticipation and expectations that make you nervously wonder whether this year will be the year that things are better. Well, when it comes to the dawn of a new year, I always find comfort in stacking my arsenal with some nice little bits and bobs to make me feel a little more prepared for what's to come. So here's a few of my favorite things.
Charm Bracelet
Gift - Pandora (link)

When it comes to jewelry, there are only two pieces that I wear daily. A ring that my mom received when she was 18, and this beautiful Pandora bracelet given to me by my aunt + cousin back when we visited the Philippines in the summer of 2012. This bracelet is massively important to me because of the intensity of the meaning that it carries. Each charm was uniquely picked with who I am in mind, and comes with my cousin's ringing voice in my head explaining why each piece belongs on my wrist. How special it is to have something that evokes a rush of comfort and inspiration every time you look at it. 

Timex Easy Reader Leather Strap Watch
Gift - Timex (link)

For years and years, I have been trying to get accustomed to wearing watches on the daily. I have gotten so used to checking my phone for the time, but I have found that doing so depletes my battery, and also makes me less productive (considering that I end up opening up all my social media instead of just walking away with the time). Thus, receiving this rad watch from my parents on Christmas was just what I needed. It's such a unique item, in my opinion. It's not your usual classic black or tan leather strap, yet it still is minimalist and neutral which is exactly the style that I gravitate towards. Though the color is listed as gunmetal, I think the shade is more reminiscent of taupe, which I have been loving loads as of late. Lastly, a cool feature that I find insanely neat is that pressing on the crown lights up the face of the watch. 

Cutout Circle Charm Necklace
$5.90 - Forever 21 (link)

I got this necklace as a pack of two (shorter and longer chain) last summer, pretty sure the price was cheaper too so I'm glad I purchased it when I did. Though I don't tend to wear necklaces on the regular, sometimes I'll feel that my neck is a little bare and I'll add a minimal necklace to the mix. This is one of my favorite go-to's, and I've gotten a surprising amount of compliments on it as well. 
Printed Black Mini-Planner
Gift - Winners (in-stores only)

I got this as a birthday gift from my friend Philip back in November. He knows me all too well and so he knows about my love for the color black, and for good planners. I was so stoked to receive this, but because of the size, it wasn't something I could feasibly use for university because there was not enough space. However, I still wanted to use the pretty little thing and so I have decided to start a gratitude journal for the year of 2016. I used my trusty and well-loved label maker to add 'grateful' on the cover, and I've started filling it in. So far, so good! 
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in 104
$6.98 - Walmart (link)
I do love me a good Rimmel lipstick. Rimmel is a brand I have come to love, from their powders, their foundations, and this lipstick. This shade is what I have been constantly reaching for during the colder months. I'd say it's a your lips but better kind of color that adds just the right amount of dusty pink to amp up a day-to-day look. 
Black Leather Moleskine Weekly Diary
$15.00 (was on sale) - $25.00 (currently) - Chapters (link)

All I wanted for Christmas was a functional planner. The year was coming to a close and I was in desperate need of a new one, since my life depends on tangibly written to-do lists. Luckily, this Moleskine one went on sale during the season, and Anne was nice enough to get it for me for Christmas. Ever since unwrapping it, I have been counting down the days until I could start using it, and finally putting pen to paper was such a satisfying feeling. Above is one of my favorite quotes scribbled on the first page. You best believe this will be put to good use this year!

That pretty much sums up my favorites. This was almost shamefully lengthy. Sorry for the verbosity! I can't help but ramble when it comes to favorites. What are your favorite things that'll get you through 2016? We'd love to know.

Stay gold,


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