August 10, 2016

An Extensive Guide to My Favorite Creatives / Content Creators

There's a tune by The Limousines called Internet Killed the Video Star (an allusion to The Buggles 'Video Killed the Radio Star') that comes to mind when I think about the evolution of media throughout the decades. As the titles of the songs point out, we truly have gone from radios to videos on television, to an explosion of content on the internet. And though radio was quickly overshadowed by the age of TVs, video content was surely not eclipsed by the dawn of the world wide web. If anything, the internet (namely, YouTube) has catapulted the circulation of videos throughout the globe. 

There has been an undoubted explosion of video content online. This surge in volume can be overwhelming, so much so that it's so notoriously easy to fall into the vortex of baby/animal videos and giggle-worthy vines. 

Now, I'm not one to complain about these videos. I enjoy a good viral video as much as the next person. However, watching a few too many can leave me feeling dazed and empty, and well, like I had just been sucked into a time-less blackhole only to emerge an hour later from a zombie-like trance. Therefore, I do prefer watching more creative content that leaves me feeling inspired and excited for life. So, here's my extensive list of favorite content creators, to help you navigate your way through the expanse of the world wide web. 


It's practically impossible not to fall in love with this little family of three. They put out weekly vlogs every Sunday, and are comprised of Stef, Hannah, and their lovable son Grayson. The content that they generate is hard to explain without sounding utterly cheesy, but I'll say the words anyway because they need to be said. Their vlogs are stunning, breathtaking, endearing, and top-notch quality. The cinematography is on par with movies with film crews collaborating on the production; except, in these vlogs, it's just Stef and Hanna (and the occasional Gracy-cam). 

Moreover, they add little touches to their vlogs that go beyond the extra mile. Some of my favorites include Stef's latte art segments (hilarious in their own right), the little animated cartoon doodles that pop up in some of the more recent silky-montages, and of course, the post-production captions of Stef's conversations with Grayson's toddler-speak. 

Though the vlogs boast moving silky-montages that fill your soul with warmth, they're equally balanced with the vlog-style commentary that shows off their personalities that reel you in just as much. Stef's this cynical ginger bearded man who's editing skills is out of this world, and who is the creator of Wantfeed. Hannah's the heart and soul who manages to juggle all the mom things all the while managing her blog, and Maggs London -- her make-up bag business. Lastly, but by no means the least is Grayson, who is the blue-eyed toddler filled with wonder. 


Tim Kellner is not like your regular YouTuber. He doesn't sit in front of a camera with ring lights and talk about things, and he doesn't hold out a Canon G7X while walking down the street talking to it either. In fact, I wouldn't even call him a Youtuber. Rather, he is more like a film-maker that simply uses YouTube as his means of disseminating his brilliantly produced videos. 

When it comes to his channel, he is all about quality over quantity. And for that, I have zero complaints. What's captivating about his work is the fact that not only does he conceptualize and shoot these all on his own, but he also often produces the music that soundtracks the visuals. Further, the smooth and flowy way that he moves the camera is a skill that I would like to someday add on to my arsenal. To put it simply, let's just say Tim has a special style of filming that resonates with my soul and makes me want to wander. 


Watch Both: 7 Hours in a Car / Cooking

This next duo is technically not a duo. Artistically and creatively, they are separate entities. In real life, however, they're a a real duo as real duos can be. Will and Arden are wholly separate. They have separate channels and separate content. However, what I love most about their work is the inspiration of the other that seeps through. I have always been enthralled by lovers. Perhaps, because I have yet to experience it on my own. For now though, I am happily content with feeling giddy over someone else's love -- and Will and Arden's fit the bill. 

Will's content is more on the cinematic style. Honest and thought-provoking, his videos always get me to do three things: 1) to think, 2) to feel, and 3) to learn (about others, or myself). The way he produces the films -- his style and integrity -- never fails to leave me in awe. His work embodies artistry; in the way that he films, the way that he captures, and the way that he lives. 

As for Arden, her videos are more of a mish-mash of various styles. Her content has progressed alongside her growth as a human, and it is just so lovely to see her do more and more of the work that aligns with her personality and interests rather than just YouTuber fads. I'm captivated by her hilarious and genuine personality, and don't even get me started on her style. Her style!!! So unique, unparalleled, and true to her own sense of self.


Another duo that's not quite a duo includes Lily and Anna, best mates who have completely separate beauty meets lifestyle hybrid channels. I pretty much label them my twenty-something year old goals. I don't normally use that term, but in this sense, it fits the bill. When it comes to style, home interiors, relationship, and all-around adulting, these two are what I hope my next several years have in store for me. Although both are mainly known for their beauty content, I have never been too fussed about make-up (drugstore brands suit my fancy and budget just fine). I mainly watch their videos regarding non-make-up related bits. 

Lily has a special way of talking about tech items and industry behind the scenes that fascinates me. She gives enough detail without being too overwhelming, and she really just tells it like it is. Her tips and tricks about blogging also prove to be insightful and helpful. Moreover, I really enjoy her videos with her group of friends. They all seem like such rad human beings; I can't help but smile when they're in the vlogs. 

Anna, on the other hand, is organization queen. Her tips on planning, coordination, arranging, etc. are my kind of content. If you want to find out ways to be a more well-adjusted person, she's the right kind of person to inspire you. This organization theme even spills over to her wardrobe and influences her minimalist style. Anna does plenty of videos about creating and maintaining a capsule wardrobe and though I don't think I could ever gain the guts or muster up enough self-control to start my own, I do enjoy sneaking a peek at hers and plucking some tips and inspiration here and there to keep my desire to go overboard when shopping at bay. 


Claire is another beauty/lifestyle content creator... but that description does not even begin to cover her general aura of badassery that she exudes, not to mention her outpouring of creativity in every direction. Her editing style, her clothing style, and her interior decor style are altogether the pinnacle of cool, in my opinion. The effort that she puts in conceptualizing, filming, and editing her videos goes above and beyond the average and it truly shows. And though like the rest of the "beauty YouTubers," her make-up and skinscare stash is humongous and drool-worthy, I mainly stick around for her more introspective videos. Why? Because it's a treat to get a peek in the going-ons of a gorgeous, creative, badass, and intelligent woman's brain. 


If you are an avid watcher of vlogs on YouTube like I am, you are probably all too aware of certain tendencies and habits of vlog culture. There's the brand deals, the royalty free music, the meetings mentioned that they can't tell you about just yet, and a whole lot more that is so unique to the world of vlogs in this millennial age. The people who are familiar with these propensities are either a) endlessly fascinated by these or b) are rolling their eyes already at the thought of the mass of 'vloggers' who are all starting to blend together in their likeness. 

Whether or not you subscribe (ha, get it) to this world or not, and whether your reaction was of the former or of the latter, Adrian Bliss provides a wicked social commentary on the vlogger culture that constantly has me in fits of laughter. He weaves together parts of Casey Neistat, Ben Brown, Alfie Deyes of PointlessBlogVlogs, FunForLouis, and a variety of other vloggers in an almost Dr. Frankenstein like manner. Truly so, the time and effort that must have taken into cultivating and crafting the Vlogvember and Vlune series are something to be marveled at. 


Canada represent! Although The Sorry Girls are on the opposite coast from me, they still embody Canada in all its glory and I love that. These boss ladies are some of the best DIY-ers you'll come to know on YouTube. They consistently bring out innovative ways to re-create expensive on-trend pieces for a fraction of the price. Moreover, the content that they post is not just a diluted repeat of everything that you see on Pinterest or Tumblr. They never fail to surprise with the rad DIYs they release and I am more than sure that watching their videos will make you want to head straight to your nearest craft/thrift stores.

Stay gold,


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