August 24, 2016

Minimalist Haul

For the lovers of lack of color and minimal style, this post is all for you.

Summer came late to Vancouver this year. For the longest time, I was pretty sure it was going to be a tame season. Boy, I was wrong. Temperatures have been reaching the thirties (Celsius) for the past couple weeks or so and though I love sunshine and the wonders that it does for my mood, I can't help wish for the cooler sunny days that we started off with. So it seems that my heart is yearning for colder weather, which is plain to see by the looks of what I've been buying lately.

Chambray Dress
$9.99 thrifted - Old Navy 

I've been wanting more and more denim as of late, and by chance, I was lucky enough to spot this dress while perusing (read: meticulously scouring) the racks at the thrift-store. I've always loved the idea of thrifting. It's always a thrill because you never know what you'll unique things you'll find.

Throughout the years, I've acquired some of the best denim pieces in my closet from the thrift-store. A nifty trick I've got for you is to look everywhere in the store; specifically, look beyond your regular section. Broaden your scope from just the ladies section (if you're a lady) and check out other areas. the best graphic tees are usually found in the men's section, and some of the best denims are in the kid's section! Speaking of, I found this dress from the little girl's section. The sizes there vary so much that I often find that larges and extra-larges can still fit me. 
Striped Knit Shift Dress
$12.00 on sale - Forever 21 (link)

Truthfully, I love this dress. It wins the award for the most comfortable dress I've ever owned. Besides the fact that it's a shift dress, which means that it's very forgiving for most body shapes, the rayon/spandex fabric it's made out of is so soft and non-crease-able, which makes it the perfect casual dress.

All these positive things aside however, I was pretty disappointed when I found out that the back of the dress near my bum had already started pilling. It was only the second time I've worn it for Pete's sake! Though I still wear the dress and hope that the pilling is not too noticeable, I am still very disappointed by it ever so quick disintegration.
  Floral Print Fit and Flare Dress
$13.99 was on sale - Old Navy (link)

The print of the dress is my favorite thing about this next piece. Naturally, I love that it's black first and foremost; but I also love that it maintains a darling quality through the floral print. the length of it is also a quality of it that I enjoy. All that being said, I am admittedly not too keen on the way that the dress fits me. The bottom half is perfect. However, the top seems to be too flouncy and loose, no matter how much I adjust the adjustable spaghetti-straps. As such, I wear this mostly with a cover-up on top. Usually, I pair it with a t-shirt that's tied at the waist on top of the dress, or a shirt/long-sleeve underneath for a jumper effect. 
Black Split-Neck Tee
$7.99 was on sale / $15.00 right now - Old Navy (link)

And the winner for the comfiest t-shirt I've ever owned goes to...this tee. As I get older and older, my love for plain t-shirts gets stronger. In conjunction with that, my love for baggier shirts gets stronger as well, which is why I got this in a large. I like how because of the bigger size, the sleeve length is almost a 3/4 on me, and more importantly, I really dig the split neck-line that makes an otherwise simple tee something more special. 

Black Skinny Jeans
$11.99 was on sale - Old Navy (link) ?

Everyone needs a pair of black denim in their closet. It's a staple piece, which is why I'm consistently on the hunt for newer and better versions of it. The price of these, and the fact that they hung on my waist was why I was drawn to these. I have my black high-waist jeans from Topshop that are gorgeous, but completely unwearable during my days at school because it is impossible to sit for three hours lectures at a time in high-waisted jeans, in my case. And though the fabric of these jeans are by no means as soft as my Topshop ones, I'm sure with enough wash and wear, these will be comfier to wear.
Suede Moto-Jacket 
$30.00 was on sale - H&M

I don't normally splurge, but when I do, it's for something I'm guaranteed to use all the time for several years to come. This jacket fits the bill completely, and though I know for some of you, this may not even be a splurge, to me it truly is. I'm a bargain hunter at heart, and so it was a bit of a considerable decision trying to figure out if I should purchase this, but in the end, the fact that it was the last of its kind was what sold me.

I loved it enough to pick it up, even when it's several sizes bigger than my normal size and enough to try it on in hopes that it would still fit anyway. Lucky for me, the usual style of this is cropped and so having the larger size meant that it would be not cropped on me, which is what I prefer. This jacket is the main reason why I have been wanting cooler weather. Don't get me wrong, I am most definitely not chanting for the bone-shivering snow covered winter. Rather, I just want it to be cold enough to wear this jacket.
Long-Sleeve Open Back Top
$8.97 was on sale - Old Navy

This top is originally an activewear top with a slit that is normally worn on the back. However, I much prefer wearing it as a regular top (since I don't even exercise) with the slit at the front. Evidently, the slit is massive and goes all the way down to my belly-button, which is why I normally pair it with a black cami underneath. As you can probably already tell, I'm a big fan of not wearing things conventionally. I don't follow my supposed size when I shop, and sometimes, I also don't follow the supposed way of wearing the item -- kind of like for this piece.
Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur
$15.00 - Chapters (link)

Last, but by no means the least, I've included this book of poetry in this haul because of how much I love it. Granted, it's not a fashion item, much less a minimal clothing piece, but I've been clinging onto this book for the past several months and have been dying to talk about it on the blog which is why I've slipped it in here. This work of art is filled with poetry that's on the shorter side in length, but word count definitely did not hinder it from plucking my heartstrings and striking a chord within me. There's a couple poems in here going that are no longer than 5 lines that moved me to tears, and if that's not saying something, I don't know what is.

Stay gold,


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