August 31, 2016

Downtown Adventure

Looking back on grade nine, both my English and Social Studies class had to do a project on family traditions. It was hard for me to think of anything specifically, but what came to mind both times was the adventure my sister would always take me to, in downtown Vancouver for my birthday. Though I didn't end up doing that for the project, I always think of it as our own tradition even though it's only been three years since it started. From turning twelve to now fifteen years old, the trip has been a constant one I always looked forward to. It was like a milestone I had to pass before the idea of me being another year older finally sunk in.

Since the first time we went on one of my birthday escapades into the city I fell in love with the towering buildings and bustling streets. It was such a different atmosphere compared to that of the suburbs. That moment I knew that when I was older I'd want to live in the city. Each year my sister and I go back, or whenever I really go into Vancouver

I always find something new to appreciate. The first year it was the enormous library, the second year it was when I realized the station we go of was the Canadian Pacific Railway, despite the fact Canadian history wasn't my favourite subject I was still amazed to have seen what a historical site is like in present day, and as for this year it was the delicious vegan food I got to taste.

Quoting my sister the outfit I wore that day was, "very Aritzia-like" (which if you don't know is this kind of high-end store that sells beautiful clothes).

Blue Chiffon Blouse
Joe Fresh (link)

I was out grocery shopping with my mom at Superstore and we decided to peruse through clothing section, they have a lot of really nice minimalist type pieces there and lucky us they were having a large sale that day over fifty percent off. This blouse was is one of my most favourite finds. I've been looking for more tops to wear that would look good with everything and this one fit the category perfectly. It's very versatile since it's very dressy but can be made to be casual by just tucking it into a a pair of jeans, not to mention the fact that it was only around six dollars. 

Black Pants
Old Navy (link)

This is a pair of cutoff pants that I've had in my closet for along time. I've never been able to find a nice way to style them in an outfit until recently and now I've grown to love them. They are really comfortable and can pass off as culottes.

Red-Brown Satchel
Old Navy (link)

This is a nice small satchel that's good for when you don't want a bag that's too bulky. It has two zippered pockets but my favourite part of the bag is the pouch between them since I can slip items in and out easily. I tend to use bags that have the long strap like this one during long outings because I find it's easier to move with and I can use both arms.

Aviator Glasses
Old Navy (link)

Moving on from my colourful plastic sunglasses I wore when I was younger, these have become my new staple pair. I find just throwing these on whether it's in my hair, hanging on my shirt, or using it for it's actual purpose gives any outfit a more dressed up appearance.

Black Sandals
Charles + Keith (link)

These sandals are actually from the Philippines given to me by my uncle. I've received tons of compliments from friends about them, even the librarian at school, and they become such a go to pair when choosing my shoes. It's nice and simple perfect for minimalist outfits. They're also good for walking, unlike other sandals that hurt your feet these are really comfortable.

Now that summer is drawing to a close and I know most of you don't want to hear that, but I hope this blog post will remind you of all your summer adventures. We can all cling to those memories as we get back to school.

Last but not least, check out the our small little vlog of the day.
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