November 23, 2016

Awkward Tendencies

People could describe me more as a wallflower rather than a social butterfly. There's something about standing in a room with a massive sea of people that gives me a sense of panic. This is when the introvert in me gives way to all these 'Awkward Tendencies' as I like to call them while socializing.  I know I'm not the only flower glued to the wall out there and there's probably many of you reading this that identify the same way. So to my fellow wallflowers I hope you get a good laugh and to all you butterflies, here's an inside peek at an introvert's head. 

1| I can't hold eye contact -- I'm okay doing it when I don't realize it, but once I'm made aware of it, my eyes sometimes tend to start wandering.

2| When everyone around me is on their device but I don't feel the need to, I still look at my phone -- it gives the impression that I'm also doing something. Plus, scrolling through my Instagram feed for the third time has an appeal... I guess. 

3| Waves that turn into small stretches -- whenever I see familiar people in places, there's always an internal battle inside me as to whether or not I should wave. If I do decide to wave however, and it's not noticed, it always (in a not so subtle way) turns into a small stretch, or a quick brush through the hair to save face. 

4| Fiddling with my arms -- when I don't have anything to do with my hands, I have a habit of constantly shifting and contorting them into different positions by the second. From hands clasped in front of me, dangling on the side, or one hand holding my opposite arm, you can likely spot me at an awkward position when I'm idle. 

5| Overthinking conversations -- there's always a part of me lost in the back of my head during conversations that's always analyzing and wondering what people in the conversation are thinking. I'm constantly wondering what they think of what I said, or I'm spending a few minutes trying to come up with something witty to chime in. 

So in relation to my social skills, these are just some small odd traits of mine. I hope you enjoyed this somewhat funny blog post and got to take a look at the inner workings of my head. If you have the same tendencies, or have any comments on this post, let us know down below. We'd love to hear from all of you and find out some of your awkward tendencies too!

Stay gold,



  1. I relate to this a LOT. Despite having a mixed temperament, there's definitely a huge part of me that lives in my head even during social interactions. Thanks for sharing, Anne ☺️

    1. I'm glad to hear that you do! It's nice to know another person out there feels the same way