November 30, 2016

Playlist #7 | What the Winter Brings


1| Can't Come Home Again - Tyson Motsenbocker
2| 1000 Graves - Ruston Kelly
3| Alright, Alright - Havelin
4| Summer - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
5| Dreamer - Isbells
6| Where's Your Heart Gone - Golden Youth
7| Something - Julien Baker (Spotify Sessions)
8 | Spirit Cold - Tall Heights



So I made you a playlist that pretty much reflects the current weather and my present disposition. If blues and grays could make a sound, this would likely be their tune. This one's for the somberness in colder weather, for the sleepy days that follow sleepless nights, and for the very tired but still alive. 

Besides the sound, this playlist is also filled with thoughtfully penned lyrics so keep an ear out for those. There's definitely more than a few that resonates with me in a delightfully poignant kind of way. For instance, there's Julien Baker's line: 

"the walls of my skull bend backwards and in like a labyrinth" 

As well, the entirety of Dreamer is just a masterpiece. Focusing on the lines in that song is very grounding for me and reminds me to fixate on what is important. 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this set of songs.  Let's make it through this season together, shall we? 

Stay gold,


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