November 2, 2016

Me, You, and the Internet #2

I recently realized that it's been a while since I last shared some of the things that made me smile on the Internet. I'm still surfing through the web (do people still say that?) constantly, so the reason for the long wait is by no means due to the lack of things to share. If anything, I always have an ongoing list dedicated to all the things I want to share with you all. In an effort finally clear off parts of that list, here's a few more corners of the internet for you to get lost in!


Musically inclined people fascinate me; the reason being that I've always wished that I was one of them. Alas, I am still useless at playing any instruments. At least that doesn't stop me from appreciating artists and their creations. This video in particular is fascinating to me because you get to watch the creative process unfold in such a playful way. YouTube Music sent Us The Duo a box filled with fun music-maker items and they were challenged to write a song using some of those objects. What comes out of these two is a fun tune based off unrequited young love, with a positive and hopeful ending. 


And the winner to one of my favorite Instagram accounts goes to...

Artlexachung is the brainchild of the Valdovín sisters on Instagram. It uniquely caters for my love for art and museums, and my love for Alexa Chung all in one account. I have been following this accunt since last year and when I was thinking of who to feature on this list, this was no doubt the first to come to mind. To put it simply, the account puts up side by side comparisons of photographs of Alexa Chung with pieces of art. It really never fails to disappoint me. It's almost unnerving (in a good way) how the parallels are so close. It's hard to find the words to accurately describe the feeling that I get when scrolling through this account, but in essence, I'm simultaneously in awe, and put into an introspective mood. 


Watching talent shows has always been my guilty pleasure. Since the early days of American Idol, to the X Factor, all the way to the Voice, I have followed likely thousands of people's journeys to reach their dreams in the form of a reality TV show star-search. And though I rarely follow through and watch entire seasons, I have seen practically every major audition there is to date. There's just something about seeing someone walk onstage and hearing their voice for the first time. By no means is Riley Elmore the strongest power-house singer, but his audition did bring me so much joy. You just don't hear a lot of Sinatra-like debonair voices like this anymore. 


There's no denying that I am a hopless romantic. It almost feels as if I have been this way since birth, and sometimes, it seems like with every year I just embody the term more and more. What can I say, as gag-enducing as it is, the truth is I love love, which is why when I came across a post that Patrick J. Adams (from Suits, aka one of my favorite television shows) made about his fiancée, Troian Bellisario (from Pretty Little Liars), I was nothing short of giddy. 

Though I've only seen a season of Pretty Little Liars when I was still in highscool, the end of the show was still something that I weirdly found myself keeping track off on social media. It was cool to see how much the show has impacted the lives of many. The matching tattoos and varsity jackets were pretty neat, but most of all, Patrick's post about the end of an era was by far my favorite. He manages to praise the show and his fiancée in an eloquent Instagram caption that practically rendered me into a puddle of emotions.


Last but not least, let's end this off with something light-hearted and funny -- a meme. This has been going around for quite some time now, but to this day, I have still not gotten sick of it just yet. Simply beginning as Nick Mastodon posting pictures and vines of his nephew on the internet, now Gavin's face is practically everywhere on social media, with people from all over labeling him as their 'spirit animal' of sorts. Basically, Gavin just has the best facial expressions ever, and paired with the ingenuity of the masses, we have brilliant posts like... 

Well, that's about it for now! Hope you found something on this list that you want to share with others!

Stay gold,


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