January 18, 2017

Same Song, Different Covers

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved cover songs. This is because covers, to me, embody the idea of taking something that already exists as a certain way and reinventing it to breathe new life and give new meaning. Because of this, I have always been the type of person who listens to multiples variations of the same song. I actively search for covers on a regular basis. I look for acoustic renditions, punk alternatives, slowed down tempos, remixes, and whatever others I can stumble into.

When a song is good, sometimes, you just have to listen to multiple versions of a it. After all, the lyrics might be the same but the mood and meaning can be wholly altered through the adjustment of sound and singer. 

And so, in an effort to share with you some of my favorite covers, we've started a new segment called Same Song, Different Covers. This time around, we're starting off with covers of Drake, Cyndi Lauper, and even Elvis. 


I'll admit it, I don't normally gravitate towards the hip-hop/rap genre. I know that artists like Drake have seen tons of success as of late, but for some reason, I have yet to be won over. However, I can still appreciate a good song when I hear one. Although these genres of music are not readily in my library, their cover counterparts have found a home in my playlists. For me, it's all about just finding versions that are more tailored to my kinds of sound. 

1 | Yuna 
This one's an acoustic version with a coffee-shop vibe.

On a completely different spectrum, this one's an indie-rock cover, true to the signature Arctic Monkeys sound (as in effortlessly badass and unaffectedly cool). As an aside, this cover was done for the BBC Live Lounge series, which is such a goldmine for live cover performances.

It wouldn't be covers compilation curated by me if it didn't include my tunes by my favorite band. I have loved The Maine since my early high school years, and now I'm 22. Truly, it's some kind of special to be able to grow up alongside the upward progression and evolution of The Maine. Anyway, this one's an alternative-rock/punk approach to the song. 


Looking for blues-infused pop music? This version undoubtedly suits that mold. George Ezra perfectly released a cover that turned the 80's classic into something that's modern, hip and relevant. Sidenote: it's hard not to love George Ezra, especially when he playfully switches the lyrics "Ezra wants to have fun" at one point.

Another The Maine cover, of course. This time, featuring the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday. This one's for those of you looking for a more darker, more angst filled approach to the Cyndi Lauper hit. Boy does that sentence sound counterintuitive, but hey, play the tune and see if you can tell me otherwise. 

This one's a blues-y acoustic version - the kind that sounds like it'd be a good song to spin on a record player while lovers slow-dance in the kitchen at midnight.


There's an abundance of ukulele covers of this song, but none recorded quite like this version. The transitions between the settings were done so artfully that it contributed to the overall special-ness of the cover. Particularly, keep your ears tuned towards the later end of the song where it switches from the crowds singing at the gig to the emptiness of the van. The stark contrast alone gave my heart flutters the first time I heard it. 

This next one blows my mind and has left me astounded because for years, I had thought that this cover was really done by the Fleet Foxes. Only when I was writing up this post did I find out otherwise. So you may be thinking, if the voice is like the Fleet Foxes and the music is like the Fleet Foxes, how is it not the Fleet Foxes? Well, it's because a guy from New York had the idea and skills to use overdubbing and reverb to make it sound like Fleet Foxes have been covering a ton of tunes. From HAIM, to Whitney Houston, and even Vampire Weekend, you can find all the "covers" on his Soundcloud.

This last one gets a special mention mostly because it was used in one of the cutest gum commercials I have ever seen. (Odd sentence I know, but trust me. Watch it here),

Stay gold,


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