January 11, 2017

Bringing Back the Ruffles

There's this new trend that's been going around like wildfire. Fashion designers have been hard at work constantly trying to come up with new styles for consumers like us. It always astounds me what they can come up with and how much so they influence me. A recent one that's made a comeback are the ruffles and frill designs that have popped up on clothes from countless brands. 
 It's amazing how a few extra yards of fabric can dress up clothing, how a simple black dress can be transformed into a unique, fashionable piece. I know ruffles aren't some people's cup of tea and admittedly, it wasn't always mine either. Looking back on my younger self, I remember disliking them because the kid that wanted to dress more grown up thought it made her look like a child. Now, it has been brought back in a way different from ruffle phases in the past, that it couldn't help but catch my eye.

My advice to all of you looking for some fashion inspiration is to look no further than the articles of clothing from your wardrobe in the past. There's always a hidden gem that can be found. Maybe something that's come back in style, a shirt you can DIY, or even clothes you've grown to love once more.

This number specifically, is a dress that I got during a trip across the border to the States. Before I continue, I must say that while shopping, nothing makes me happier than the colour red plastered across my favourite store because it usually means there's a sale. H&M was holding a large sale and for some reason, I also felt as if the store in the States had more inventory than the our local one.

There was so much more to peruse and I ended up having a mountain of clothes piled onto my aching arms -- the dress being one of them. It cost $7 US dollars which was approximately $9 at the time in Canadian Currency. Both my mom, myself, and stranger that complimented it adored the ruffles.I've always been an advocate of the pieces of clothing that are different, and generally not something everyone might pick out for themselves. I love how the ruffles makes this dress different from the other 'little black dresses.' It dresses up an outfit in a way that works as a replacement for accessories. In essence, t's a statement accessory in and of itself.

I hope all of you enjoyed this blog post! I've noticed so many trends from the past that have made reappearances from bomber jackets, turtlenecks, and ruffles. All of them however, have a new twist to them now. Let us know what you think of all these styles, we'd love to hear from you! Also if you're interested to find out what else I got during my trip to the States, stay tuned for our blog posts in the near future!

Stay gold,


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