January 25, 2017

Shopping Trips That End With Aching Arms

On recent trip across the border, I definitely came back with more than I brought with me encased in a shopping bag. H&M has always been a staple in my closet. I don't know if it's just me but it felt like the store in the states had more inventory and larger sales. After combing through all the racks in the store you could barely see me since I had a mountain of clothes that I wanted to try on. Let's just say my arms were aching by the end of the trip.

I've been getting a lot of style inspiration from YouTuber and fashion blogger Chriselle Lim. I thought this $7 (USD) blouse was something I'd find in her closet. The mock neck ruffles gives an extra touch on top of the lace detail and sleeves. The back buttons up in intervals so it also shows a peek of skin. I thought this was an incredibly classy and elegant piece that can be worn with a black pencil skirt or a more casual, but still dressed up look if you wear it with cropped slightly flared blue jeans like Chriselle does.
Recently, as I've been beginning to develop my own sense of style, I've focused a lot on investment pieces. Clothes that aren't just trendy, but ones that I know I'll be able to wear a lot in the future. The simple style of these short sleeved turtlenecks caught my eye and can be made to be worn during warm or cool days. They look nice tucked into jeans or skirts. Tops in this style were on sale for $3 (USD), it was the cheapest I've ever seen them be and I thought the black and grey were good basics to invest in.
These pants immediately caught my eye. For the longest time I've been looking for trouser like pants and these fit me perfectly. I love how you can wear them casually and dress it up as well. It has a sleek look with the way it buttons up and the stripe that goes down the sides of the legs. Not to mention the fact that it's high waisted so you can easily pair it with cropped shirts and tuck ins. It was worthwhile buy for $10 (USD).

This top is slightly different from the others and I thought it would be a nice alternative piece to my wardrobe. It had a bit of a 60's vibe that I absolutely love. All I'm missing now is a pair of cat eye sunglasses to pair with it. Also it being on sale for $1 (USD) I couldn't resist. 

Like any other I have a high appreciation for a good blowout sale or bargain, although recently I've been working on saving my money as well. I've learned a lot about buying clothes that are worth the price. You don't have to spend a large amount of money to be fashionable. Nevertheless, in the end your style is your style. Something important to keep in mind though is to buy clothes that you feel confident and comfortable in.

Stay gold,


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