April 5, 2017

The New Age

Upon waking up to start a new day, a lot of teenagers have quite similar morning routines. Other than pressing snooze on our dreaded alarms the rest consists of turning on our phones, checking social media, reading and replying to texts, and looking through missed calls. Already within the first few minutes of our day we have been subjected to three forms of communication; all of which are digital. 

As humans we are social beings. We communicate with one another on a daily basis and it is something we do as a second nature that we don't give much thought to the broad idea of communication itself. With our desire to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings, technology has given us all a platform to stay connected. Everyone has a space to impart their “wisdom” if they should so desire. Each individual in our advancing world has a story, in our society they are being communicated every second of the day. We receive play by plays of the lives of friends, families, and strangers. There are many stories that haven’t been told or heard, but with advancement in mediums of communication it won’t be long until they are. 

Our generation are what they call “digital citizens” and some argue that because everything is going digital, we’ve progressively been losing certain values and skills of the past such as writing letters, reading books, and printing photographs. Others believe with the evolution of technology as we enter the age of Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and other forms of social media we are all more connected. It is seen as a fun and efficient way to get news out to the public, whether or not that news is someone's Facebook status or the revolution in Egypt put together on Twitter. 

In our progressing world, we are so fortunate to have new forms of communication at our finger tips and with that comes with the power to create positive change. Nevertheless, we can't always have our heads focused in the present. In order to build a better future, the past is a source of learning as well and we must remember to keep those methods of communication close so they aren't forgotten.

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