April 26, 2017

Portraits and Skylines

Surprise! Rolling into our arsenal are some new commission types that you can now order.
You may have seen us do some skylines here and there, but now, they're officially a part of our custom options. Moreover, commissioned portraits are now also a thing! A thing that we've been conjuring up for quite a while now, and a thing that we're more than thrilled to be releasing into the wilderness. 
Each commissioned piece will naturally vary in pricing, depending on the complexity of the request. To get a full quote, please visit our contact page or send us an e-mail over at fluxandfolk@outlook.com. However, if you want to get a rough idea, pricing usually sticks to the following estimates: 
Digital N/A$12.00 (CAD)
Small Rectangle4 x 6 inches$15.00 (CAD)
Large8 x 10 inches$20.00 (CAD)

Small Rectangle5 x 6.5 inches$5.00 (CAD)
Large8.5 x 11 inches$10.00 (CAD)

Small Rectangle5 x 6.5 inches$7.00 (CAD)
Large8.5 x 11 inches$12.00 (CAD)
We're looking forward to collaborating with all you lovely humans! We consider ourselves incredibly lucky when we cross your minds when you're thinking of getting presents for the special people in your life (or for the times when you just want to treat yourself). It's been the greatest pleasure getting glimpses of our pieces in lockers, desks, and houses all over the world. Let's keep on making magic together, shall we? 

Stay gold,

Kimberly + Anne 

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