July 12, 2017

Warm and Cool Weather Clothes

There are so many different ways you can style each article of clothing in your closet. Sometimes they can be made to fit different seasons and weather trend change after change. This is something that I have learned through a lot of experimentation. When the time of cleaning my closet comes around again it gives me the opportunity to see every top and pair  of pants. Sometimes there are clothes that I don't wear a lot, but I end up finding new ways to love them again.

Off-The-Shoulder Top
Old Navy (link)

This is actually a loose grey long sleeve with a wide neck. I was able to slip the neckline onto my shoulders and folded the sleeves to turn it into an off-the-shoulder top. Tying the bottom made it look good with the high-waist culottes and now I can wear this shirt in the summer too. The fabric is really airy so I don't get too warm wearing it.
Black Mules
George (link)

People are always so surprised when I tell them I got my shoes from Walmart. I was so surprised and pleased  to find them there too. They were around $19 and that's the cheapest I've seen so far. For a long time I've been looking for shoes in this style because its comfort and versatility. It is also really good quality and easy to walk in. Through my experience, I've been able to wear it casually and formally as well. In all honesty, I have completely fallen in love with them.
Round Cat Eye Sunglasses
H&M (link)

These are my favourite pair of sunglasses to wear. It is a unique piece that goes with everything and dresses up an outfit. They are really different from my other sunglasses which are aviators. The gold on the sides is a perfect touch and I love the round glasses. Also I find since getting bangs, I really like the look of wearing sunglasses on my head.

  Black High Waist Culottes 
Old Navy (link)

These originally were a pair of yoga pants that I didn't get much wear of. Considering nonathletic me doesn't wear a lot of sporty clothes. I rolled up the waist though and started wearing it as culottes. It is now a staple part of my wardrobe. I instantly fell in love with it and it is perfect for Autumn and Summer because it is loose as well as the leg is slightly cut off.
I can't believe summer is already here. It is an amazing feeling that I'm sure a lot of you can relate to. I'm not as rushed when I have to get ready unlike the sleepy mornings before school. I have been able to look through my closet altogether without dazed eyes and found numerous new outfits that I love. I hope you enjoyed this post and that maybe it gave you some inspiration of things to wear this summer!

Stay gold,


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