July 19, 2017

Things To Do To Soothe Your Soul

For the first time in my life, I metaphorically have a whole lot of open-road in front of me. There's no giant timer breathing down my neck, counting down til the moment where my always seemingly brief respite comes to an end. Words cannot fully capture the eager anticipation that I have towards finally getting to experience autumn without the association of dreading back-to-school season. For the first time, I'm not spending summer anxious over the days going by.

Having said that, it really is quite the adjustment. I'm not used to not having anything on my to-do lists. At any given time, I normally have several lists ongoing. Now that homework, readings, essays, and exams are no longer my problems to fuss about, there's an empty void I quickly found the need to fill. Apparently, even post-graduation, I still have "zero-chill." So, here's a list of cost-free things to do this summer to soothe my soul.


It is a humbling experience that can calm down some of the greatest anxieties. Trust me. I've spent many a sleepless night ridden with unease only to be sedated by the sunrise creeping through my windows. Eventually, I'll fall asleep watching the light overtake the shadows while the rest of the world else begins to wake.


It's easy to get stuck in a rut and end up robotically grabbing the same outfits from your closet all the time. I've been there, and still am there -- especially on days when I'm in a hurry to get dressed (which seems to be often since I tend to always prioritize getting those few extra minutes of sleep). In the same way, it's also so easy to automatically think that you have nothing to wear -- probably because you've been outfit repeating for the past couple weeks or so and now you just want to buy something new so that you can offset the pattern.

If you're like me, then you've probably got a closet that's actually filled to the brim. It's really not that we've got nothing to wear. It's that we have so much and so as to not overwhelm ourselves, we stick with what's tried and true. To fix this, when you happen into a few spare moments, sit down in front of your closet and pick out new combinations of clothes you've never worn together yet. If you're successful, you'll curb that desire to shop and fall in love with your closet once again.

Bonus points if you wear something different from the way it was originally intended to be worn (i.e. a scarf as a top, a button-down as a skirt, etc.). 


There's more to your headphones and speakers that meets the eye (/the ear??). Who needs a DeLorean when your throwback tunes can pretty much get you time-travelling? Go ahead and look up your favorite songs as a kid. Paradoxically, you'll both surprisingly and unsurprisingly still remember all the lyrics. Go ahead, sing along loudly, obnoxiously. Afterwards, repeat the same process for your favorite tunes as a tween, a teenager, a young-adult, etc. Progressing from different stages of your life will optimize your well-soundtracked walk down memory lane.


Still on the topic of music, create playlists for all the thing -- for pivotal moments in your life, for emotions you regularly have, for everything. Sure, our actual lives are not movies, BUT we can sure as heck still soundtrack them like one. At any given time, I'm keeping up more playlists than I can count on my fingers and toes.

Each month that passes has a playlist of its own -- filled with all the songs I listened to over the duration of those 30 days. Beyond that, I've got playlists for sleeping, for falling in love, falling out of love, for sunrises, sunsets, for when I'm happy, when I'm sad, for when I'm angry, and for when I'm sad/angry and want to be lifted. I've got some for days when I'm roaming in a field, for when I'm shotgun and in control of the aux cord on a night drive. For the day I go on a plane, and a separate one for an epic roadtrip. I've even got a playlist for if I'm walking and want to feel like a badass.

Whatever mood or situation that strikes you fancy, go find some of you favorite tunes to accompany it!


In the same vein of reminiscing and time-traveling, go dig up some old pictures. Actual tangible pictures would be preferred but a good ol' scroll through your Facebook or Instagram would work fine too. Go as far back in time as you can -- find baby you or the babiest you that you can find. Flip through all your bad haircuts, horrible angles, and god-awful outfits. Laugh about the past and then welcome the gratefulness that will surge through your body.

Bonus: In the end, flip/scroll through everything quickly to mimic a montage and then laugh even harder about how silly and melodramatic you're being.

That about sums up my list thus far. If you've got any suggestions, do let me know. My days and nights are seemingly endless now and I can always use a few more things on my to-do list now that I'm a free bird.

Stay gold,


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