July 26, 2017

Playlist #11 | The Sea in a Glass by My Bed


1| Nothing Arrived - Villagers
2| Never Fade - Josh Devine + Ollie Green
3| The Belly of the Whale (Acoustic) - Scott Orr
4| Hymn - Joel Porter
5| Sweetly - The Show Ponies
6| Fickle Heart - Ira Wolf
7| Five Foot Three - Flannel Graph
8| Porcelain Skin - Captain Dipper and The Strawberry Girl
9| Fallen So Young - Declan J. Donovan



I've always found it interesting how songs and the combination of them in a playlist have the ability to tell a story unique to each person listening. The words and melody can all be the same, but the connotation alters depending on the ears they are heard with. This playlist is for those moments when you want close your eyes and b taken somewhere else entirely. Let the lyrics carry you away and resonate within you allowing your own creative interpretation to run freely. 

I've recently taken to listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and I am so amazed by all the hidden gems I've been able to find since. I thought in today's blog post I'd share a part of it with all of you. I truly hope you enjoyed this post and our now spurred to listen to this playlist!

Stay gold,


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