August 9, 2017

Sunrises, a Chasm, and the Ocean

I wrote these short poems on separate occasions. Some of the times I don't quite remember what instigated me into writing to them or how I felt in that exact moment. Reading it now, I feel as if the connotation is different. I find that truly interesting about poetry. It evolves as a person grows and its meaning can change constantly. 


Closing my eyes 
my limbs are an extension of the sea. 
and graceful. 
I crash into rocks. 
Grapple for shore. 
Only to end up with a mouthful of sand. 
Then made new 
by the waters.


I am a chasm 
cracked open. 
An instrument 
as wind whistles through me. 
My voice echoes. 
then everything 
all at once 
in its endlessness.


There is a predictability in humans. 
Some days they are golden 
painting everyone in honey hues. 
Other hours they wake up 
covered in clouds. 
Their light dimmed. 
They rise again bruised, 
raw, purple, and pink. 
And continue despite it.

These three pieces somehow fit together and told an interesting story about people and human nature. I thought I would share them with all of you. I truly hope you enjoyed this post. Let us know in the comments below if you have any thoughts you would like to share with us.

Stay gold,


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