August 30, 2017

Playlist #12 | A Dull Roar


1| California Song - Patrick James
2| American Dream Come True - Young Mister
3| For a While - The Band CAMINO
4| My Heart's Always Yours (Acoustic) - Arkells 
5| Steady Me - The Outsiders 
6| Coffins - Duncan Fellows
7| Something To Tell You - HAIM  
8| Suicide Saturday- Hippo Campus 
9| Oh Daniel (Acoustic) - Civil Twilight
10 | New Recording 135 - LEO



It's hard to find a cohesive way to describe this playlist as a whole other than the fact that it was what soundtracked my flight to New York. Still, even a week before we left Vancouver, I was listening to these batch of tunes already. Even then, I was already mentally picturing myself above the clouds looking out of the plane's windows with this playlist in the background. True to that image, I did follow suit and blasted every single one of the songs while I was on air being transported from coast to coast.

Hope you enjoy every last bit of it! 

Stay gold,


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