August 2, 2017

Boat rides, Best Pals, and Bowen Island

Being an early twenty-something year old is weird. You're not quite a full-fledged adult quite yet. You've got much to learn -- about taxes, mortgages, and life in general. Plus, you can get arrested and when you're convicted, you won't be placed in juvie. Instead, you'll be in actual adult prison, in all it's shiv and shank glory. I digress.

One of the perks of being a young adult however, is being at the prime age of travelling. Sure, you're probably spending thousands paying for rent for crap basements apartments, or selling your organs to fund your post-secondary education. 

To those of you who are lucky enough to find the extra cold hard cash to travel, it's wondrous. You're likely at the peak of your body's health and can endure crashing on non-tempur-pedic sofas in cheap Airbnbs. Most of all, you're at the perfect middle of being old enough to travel sans-parentals but also young enough to travel without your fledglings (read as: kiddos).

Although I've yet to go on the trip of my lifetime, daytrips are a quick and easy way to quench my desire in the meantime. So here's a recap of a parent-less, child-less short-lived adventure with some pals back in July.

Who knew that Bowen Island was only a fleeting ferry ride away from Vancouver? Not me. I had always equated the thought of ferry rides as being lengthy. To my surprise, our little boat excursion ended quicker than expected. We barely had a chance to enjoy the ferry itself before we were docking at Snug Cove.

Our first stop after parking the car was food. The majority of us neglected to eat any semblance of a hearty breakfast because a) we left way too early for our stomachs to even realize we were awake yet and b) we were too excited for the prospect trying new places to eat at.

We ended up at Branch and Butter to fill our stomachs (and consequently our hearts). We did little research since the trip was spontaneous. Having said that, the first Google search whilst on the ferry over led us right to this place right on the pier where we had docked.

Naturally, when we approached the place, we were instantly charmed by it's looks. The small size of the establishment by no means meant that its charisma was lacking. In fact, every aspect of the structure outside and inside literally and figuratively contributed to its overall allure.

All four of us ended up getting Harry's Toast -- a seemingly simple order at first thought. However, in its surface simplicity is where I found delight. The toast itself is sourdough by Gastown locals: The Birds and The Beets. Paired with smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, cucumbers, my recent fave capers, and a crowd-favorite -- some nori as garnish.

After eating our food at the marina, we perused through the incredibly curated bits and bobs over at the extension next door, Branch and People. Besides how incredible the food was, the people aspect of Branch and People equally (if not more) charming. When Branch himself found out that it was our first time, he was kind enough to doodle on a map of places he recommended that we hit up.

After breakfast, our day was far from over. We walked along the coastline of Snug Cove for a bit just to get a lay of the land and to take in the boats bobbing along the marina. While driving to the ferry terminal, it was pouring rain and we were a bundle of nerves that we would get stuck with the one summer day where it would be dreary and wet. Luckily, by the time we got to the island, the rain had stopped and the sun broke through the clouds. It was essentially the perfect weather -- not too hot that we'd melt in our clothes, and not too cold or wet either.

After the cove, we weaved in and out of the quaint little stores and restaurants as we made our way more inland. We stopped by one of the cafes along Trunk Road to grab some drinks as the afternoon sun was making it a necessity. We all ended up with matching ones (once again). With our four pink lemonades in tow, we continued to walk further inland in search of a grocery store to buy bits the picnic we were oh so desperate to have.

Two grocers later, we had a baguette, juice, and an array of snacks and dips. We got back in the car with our map in hand and drove towards Cape Roger Curtis to see the lighthouse, do the bare minimum hike through the wilderness, and settle our picnic down.

The Cape proved to be the perfect spot to spend the afternoon. Although we were told that sunset was the best time to be there, we naturally had to catch a 5:15 ferry back to Vancouver so we had to enjoy what we could. Despite the sun being nowhere close to painting the sky pink, nor was it anywhere close to the horizon, we had the perfect picnic sitting on our blankets under the sun-spotted shade.

When we were done sitting, eating, and catching up, we roamed. We roamed close to the water, amidst the tall trees, and even walked along cliff-sides.

We took a lot of pictures. A lot, a lot (as usual). It was my version of a perfect day. Thank God I've got photogenic friends, eh?
There's really not much else to say besides the fact that we had an incredible summer day. The rest of the post is a stockpile of some of my most favorite snaps from the day.

Photos above and below by:Winonah Estranero

That sums up our daytrip to Bowen Island. Fingers crossed this post has inspired you to visit that magical place as well -- or take any other sort of small adventure away from your usual local hangs.
Stay gold,

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