September 13, 2017

Tiny Poems From Once Before (Again)


Sink or swim
so it seems
but for now,
I will keep my eyes
above the water

So it seems that I am still not ready to write about New York. I'm still struggling to put to paper how I felt about the trip. I may never find the right words to fully describe how that trip made me feel but I'll try to get as close to it as I can -- eventually. As for now, I've dug up some tiny poems from once before (again) to share with you all. 

I always get incredibly nervous when I'm sharing poetry with anyone, much more to the general public. Writing poetry is a wildly personal ritual that I do to channel the grievances of my soul into something productive. As the late-Carrie Fisher once said, "take your broken heart, make it into art." 

Although some of my words remain too personal to share, there's some that I'm okay with putting out into the universe. Bare with me, I'm not a poet. I just feel things deeply and need various creative outlets to express those emotions (or else I'm positive I'd spontaneously combust). 

9:58 PM

I wish nothing more
than to crawl
into the recesses of my brain

1:03 AM

And so every night,
I wonder
if I'm even spinning
in your orbit
at all

2:08 AM

It is late
or maybe early
Either way,
I am undeniably frightened
by the vastness of it all

6:30 PM 

my greatest weakness
is seeking to build homes
in others
instead of 
finding shelter
in my own

Stay gold,


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