December 13, 2017

Here Comes The Holidays | 6 x 4 prints

Here comes the newest batch of 6x4s -- an accumulated volume of designs we've been working on for what seems like forever. As with each release, we feel like the latest group is the best batch. So I guess that must mean that progress and growth are very real things.
It's always fun the end off the year with launching the 6x4s into the wild because it lets us share our normally one-of-a-kind hand-drawn pieces to more people. In a way, it's a way to showcase some of our pieces that we feel are the 'best of the year.' Plus, releasing them this time of the year means that you all can pick em up in time for your loved ones for Christmas gift-giving and also for yourself to refresh your space in time for the New Year.
This time round, we've got some colored pieces in the mix, as well as some pop-culture portraits. Getting new tools in our arsenal this year (i.e. the iPad pro) has helped us experiment with new styles. These pieces are a direct reflection of that, and we've got our fingers crossed that the response to them are matching the excitement we felt when we created them.


As per tradition, we are going to release the prints one by one  on our Instagram account @fluxandfolk. There's very limited quantities per design so if you want to ensure that you get the ones that you want, you can either turn on post-notifications for our account so when the prints go up, you can comment your dibs.

The next option is for all you who read this blog -- as early as now, before the pieces even go up on Instagram, you can scroll through our inventory below and leave a comment on this post with a list of the letters per design that you want. Don't forget to include your Instagram handle in the comment so we can get back to you to confirm your order.


+ Cost per print is $1.00
+ 'AA' and 'BB' are sold as bundles of 3 respectively, at $3.00 each
+ Shipping costs are as follows: $1.50 (CAD) / $2.00 (US) / $3.00 (INT'L)
+ We did a minor oopsie on the print labelled '-' so instead of selling it, 
we'll be giving it away as a bonus on orders $5 and above while quantities last  

Stay gold,

Kimberly + Anne


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  2. Hey I would like to buy L,2 of X, BB, and W! My instagram is @alli_marie23. Thanks!

  3. Decided I wanted a few more haha! I would also like Z,2 of K, V, and U. Insta: alli_marie23

  4. hi there! may i please buy S & T and thank you! (ig:@a4lina)

  5. D, J, & Z please!! BAHAHA you know who I am, (@kiannafaithc) love all of your designs! they make great gifts (:

  6. would like to purchase BB, D and Z if possible!!! IG @stargarciiia

  7. Hi! Can I please get C, E and H? My ig is @_n4ko_ thanks!