December 20, 2017

Tips to De-stress


  • Write everything down on a planner. It let's you get your thoughts in order and once you have an idea of how your going to get the tasks you need to finish done, it is a weight off your shoulders. It's just a gentle reminder that you are capable of doing them.
  • Doing this will give you time and space so for at least one night go to bed earlier. Make an effort to do this at least once in a week. You feel so much more well rested and ready take on whatever tasks you have 
  • Listen to music while doing menial tasks or watch videos. When you don't need to concentrate specifically, you can do this to mix in a little joy. You can be productive and still have a moment to enjoy yourself.
  • Think of the reasons why you’re doing something to give you motivation and push you forward. You feel less tired if you have a reason behind your actions driving you 
  • After completing everything there is still an edge if anxiety that lingers. Did I do everything? Did I miss something or make a mistake? What was my grade on that project or test? It can still be overwhelming. Curl up to read a book or watch that movie you’ve been dying to see. Get lost in another world. It can be very revitalizing and it’s so important to take a moment and just enjoy yourself. You are human and after accomplishing what you needed to do, you definitely deserve it.
Stay gold,

Anne Ibasco

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