February 7, 2018

Advice To My Younger Self

There are many points in one's life where they ask themselves where the time has gone. In relation to the previous blog post that I did, is this common theme of growing up. I have recently been inspired to contemplate on that topic myself. We are compilation of moments and people. I am so grateful for everything that has shaped me today. Looking back, only a few years ago I was always in rush to grow up. I was so excited for everything the world had to offer. This week while my mind is still stuck on that topic, I though I would put together a list of advice. These are words for my younger self and to anyone else that needs to hear them.


1| Don't hesitate in everyday opportunities. Seek to get out of your comfort zone.

2| Look for opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. While you love those you spend time with, it could never hurt to open your heart up to more

3| You have a habit to overextend yourself, you are aware of that and a lot of others know that about you. Sure, you like to think big and never like to do things with only half your effort, but remember time management is key.

4| Speak up more if you have something to say, because most of time the people around you want to hear it.

5| Don't get tired of playing games in the playground, as you grow older there is less opportunity for that.

6| Be okay with being silly and find time to let loose. Don't worry too much about the thoughts of people around you. You have always been called mature for your age, however you are still at an age where you have a special freedom that only comes in childhood

7| The future is an amazing thought. There is plenty of time for that, for now enjoy the many great opportunities and experiences available to you at present.

8| Never lose you ability to dream big. If you set your mind to something, stay true to your commitments and do everything to the best of your abilities.

A lot of these words are still applicable to myself today. Personally, I know that on occasions here and there I need to be reminded of this. I hope all of you enjoyed this post. If you want read something like it, I wrote a poem on how fast life goes by called The Speed of Life. It was the previous post from this so if you have not read it yet, go on over!

Stay gold,

Anne Ibasco

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