February 28, 2018

Playlist #15 | Talking in The Dark


1 | Cologne - Haux
2 | Honeysuk - Sunbathers
3|  Emily - Love You Later
4 | Television Romance - Pale Waves
5 | Fading - Vacation Manor
6 | Let Me In - Flor
7 | Hurt Somebody - Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels
8 | Missing Pieces - Super American
9 | And Then Some - Arkells
10 | every day (stripped.) - Jeremy Zucker



It took a long while for me to find new music to enjoy, much less ones that I loved enough to share. For the longest time, I was stuck listening to music that I used to listen to. I not only replayed my Top Songs of 2017 non-stop, but I also revisited some old emo/punk favorites from my early teenage years. I rediscovered my love for Jack's Mannequin, whose songs still tug at my heartstrings to this day, but all that nostalgia bred the perfect storm. I found myself stuck in the same old, same old.

The month of January lasted a decade; its slow pace aged me and weighed me down. But, February came and went in the blink of an eye. The second month of 2018 brought a new beginning, and with that, a desire for newness. I recall earlier this month, amidst a series of sleepless blends of late nights and early mornings, I was frantically scrolling through songs that will bring new life into my being.

I wasn't stuck on the walk down memory lane anymore, and I was ready for something -- anything, to pierce through the monotony of sameness. My hunger for novelty led to no regard for any particular mood so there's a general lack of cohesion. This playlist has songs you can fall asleep to, songs you can groove to, and songs for moments in-between. Ultimately, this playlist is just a mix of songs that woke me up. Figuratively speaking that is, since these have been playing at all times for the entirety of the month.

Stay gold,


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