March 7, 2018

The Choices We Make

If young people had to draw a map of their life with the current knowledge they have, where to begin and where it will stop would all be a blur. The perfect decision, a path without obstacles and trials is impossible to discern. Sometimes we have to take our best guess and take comfort in the fact that we are in the best position to ask ourselves what we want. We know what the paper looks like and we have the path in mind, so even if we're doing it blindfolded we are not completely unprepared.

Whatever our map looks like, the odyssey that is living life as a human is what is truly beautiful. The sight of intersecting lines as we revisit old memories and the crossing of paths between people is a wonder that we all get to experience. There are so many different options out there for us, which we are so fortunate to have living in our modern society and we have so many people in our lives to help us achieve our aspirations.

The connotation tied to choosing what to do with the rest of your life is mixed and varies among the population. Feelings of both excitement and anxiety is prevalent in most people. Many feel scared about making the wrong decision or feel taken aback by suddenly having to decide the course of their future. It's as if a second ago they were just kids and the future seemed so far away, then in a split second there are all these important decisions. Previously we had to rely on our parents, our teachers, and other figures in our life to draw our paths. They have taken us to this point however, and it is up to us to choose where to go from now. This is the beginning of a journey we have of control ourselves. Our fear and uncertainty should not hold us back from the truly amazing opportunity we hold in our hands. It is the chance to pick a future that we want and it has been afforded to us by the actions which have shaped our modern world. In the society we live in, we are people no longer controlled by caste systems, we have the right to an education, we have protections against discrimination, and have free will which cannot be taken from us. Who people are is shaped by their choices, not limited by them.
We are significant members of the world community who will have the power to make change as builders, speakers, and creators. As a generation we share this moment of life-changing choices as common ground. Throughout the years we have been witnesses to each others growth and still we continue to root for one another. Let us take comfort in the fact that as the future comes hurtling towards us, we are not alone. We may be young still, but we are a force to be reckoned with and we must not underestimate our own capabilities when choosing where to go from now.
Stay gold,


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